Windows 7 Theme on Windows 8.1 (Aero 8.1)

Windows 7 Theme on Windows 8.1 (Aero 8.1)

In this video I will show how to change and customize the theme of windows 8.1 so that it is as similar as possible to windows 7. For this I will use several…
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  1. Where the hell do I download the Aero Theme for 8.1 RAR?

  2. Great ! Thanks :)

  3. Greg sees the Print Screen I did the program “Aero Glass for Win8.1.”

    As you can see, is still in testing but do already have transparent windows

  4. WARNING! If you have already installed the Windows Update 1, then DO NOT
    install the glass8 (Aero Glass for Win8.1) because this program is not
    compatible with Windows Update 1!

  5. yes not compatible with update 1! i tried it and i had to do system

  6. nothing changes, all that happens is it changes the colour scheme, and the

  7. lol i just needed the transparent windows, but ok xD. Anyways, great vid
    and for those of you who dont need the whole win7 thin like me, its the 1st
    file :)

  8. Great effort, but the main feature of Aero Glass (transparent windows)
    seems to be missing.

  9. Gracias Gran vídeo

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