Windows 8.1 – Adding calculator as a shortcut on desktop (using mouse)

This tutorial shows how to add calculator as a shortcut on windows 8.1 desktop using mouse STEPS ———- 1) Type Calculator on start screen 2) Right-click…

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  1. Excellent, thank you. My version of Windows 8 did not bring up the list in
    the same way, but the right click on the “calculator” gave me the “file
    location” option. Anybody know why Windows 8 does not have a “Close Window”
    button on the media and PDF players? How do you close them? Thanks.

  2. Yeah, when I right click I get “Pin to Start” and “Uninstall”. I’ve
    encountered this before with Windows over the years. The directions don’t
    match. Someone please explain this? I’m trying to put this on the desktop
    so I can use the calculator while reviewing something else, not flipping
    between these two screens. Ideas?

  3. Great thanks a bunch . I was worried I would have to live with a 27 inch
    calculator LOL thanks again buddy.

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