WINDOWS 8.1 all version Offline Permanent Activator and open Personalization

Offline Permanent Activator DOWNLOAD LINK This Activator tested on windo…
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  1. hey smit, can you email that file to me? the download link seems broken

  2. is it permanent or for 45 days?

  3. Hey smit, does it support windows update? n is it a temporary acrivator for
    45 day, 30 days or its a permanent solution? Please replay back.

  4. bhai 1 teer se 2 nisane ,,,,office aur window activated … 

  5. hey, i tried to activate my win 8.1 build 9431 but after i entered 1 on the
    command prompt box that showed and wait for seconds, nothing happened. the
    command prompt box just asks for me to enter a command (1- activate
    windows) again .. pls help me. thankyou!

  6. File doesn’t exist anymore.

  7. i can’t download, please reupload again on zippyshare / tutfiles.. thanks

  8. file has been removed :(

  9. Thanks. It worked on Window 7

  10. when i say 1 and activate it becomes red
    its not activating

  11. thanks bro:)))

  12. Thanks it worked. It says windows is activated and the watermark is gone
    but one question, how do I get rid of the “Windows 8.1 Pro Build 9600” at
    the bottom right of the screen?

  13. This works?

  14. Bro does this work in Win 8.1 x64 (64bit) ?

  15. the status is activated but the screen frequently says activate your
    windows in pc settings… what is this? i’m using windows 8.1 pro

  16. Hello sir, I have used it and at last it gives a red screen …. please
    help me

  17. I can’t activate it… After saying Activate Windows 8.1, the window turns
    to brown and then comes back to the menu. Could you please help me?

    keeeep it up

  19. Genius!

  20. confused about after it counts down to zero it wants me to install
    Tap-windows provider V9 network adapter does this help with the activation?

  21. the Activator doesnt work for me. it shows up as a code on a notepad

  22. it working ! great .. sir thanks you so much .. i found it , keep sharing
    you .. many people you can help the video .. 

  23. Well i’ll be damned.this actually worked…amazing.Way to go bro.Thanks a
    lot.Keep up the good work :D

  24. OMG! You’ve used C Language to bypass the Win8.1!!! You’re like GODZILLA!

  25. Thank’s Bro, It’s REALLY WORK on my PC :)

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