Windows 8.1 Black Screen Fix Easy

Symptom : Windows 8.1 Black Screen with Mouse Pointer available Root Cause This occurs because Windows Update performed a background installation of a Releas…
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  1. I still get black screen on safe mode 

  2. It’s totally working haha god bless you mate :D

  3. This fixed the issue for me.
    Detailed instructions:

    At the black screen, press and hold the power button until the system
    powers off. This typically takes 5-8 seconds.
    With the system still powered off, press and hold the Shift and F8 keys.
    While still holding Shift and F8, press and release the Power button.
    Continue to hold Shift and F8.
    The Lenovo logo should appear on the screen followed by Please Wait.
    Release Shift and F8 at this time.
    The Recovery screen should appear. If only a blank screen appears and not
    the Recovery screen, retry steps 1-5.
    From the Recovery screen, click on See advanced repair options.
    Click on Troubleshoot.
    Click on Advanced Options.
    Click on Startup Settings.
    Click on Restart.
    The PC will now reboot to the Startup Settings screen.
    Press 4 to Enable Safe Mode as prompted.
    The PC will now boot to Safe Mode.
    Enter your user name and password as prompted to log into Safe Mode.
    Open the Start screen.
    Type “devmgmt.msc” and press Enter to start Device Manager.
    Double-click on Display Adapters to expand the Display Adapters category.
    Right-click on the specific AMD Radeon HD device or nvidia device and
    choose Uninstall from the menu.
    At the Confirm Device Uninstall prompt, check the box Delete the driver
    software for this device and then click on OK.
    Restart the PC.
    The PC will now boot to Windows normally.
    Enter your user name and password as prompted to log into your PC.
    Make sure your internet connection is working and then run Windows Update.
    Choose to install all available updates.
    The PC should now be functioning normally.

  4. It’s totally working haha god bless you mate :D

  5. Please help. I have dual graphics. Intel HD Graphics Family and AMD Radeon
    R5 M230. Anyways should i uninstall both or just Intel HD Graphics Family??
    I also have another problem. when i login to windows 8.1 a pop up comes
    with the black screen telling me that some files are unreadable and
    corrupted + it asks to restore. I’m aware this is a Virus. Right?

  6. My thing is that I turn it I see the alienwere logo then it just black and
    sometimes I see a bar but that it 

  7. Thank you so much

  8. Microsoft has always been awesome, pushing out updates and forcing us to
    update not to render our computers useless. 10/10 service Microsoft. 

  9. I have tried everything but this isn’t working. I have tried everything and
    now it is just wasting my time.
    Can someone help me because this function button is not working.
    F8 is not working safe mode is not working and you all say the same things

  10. Thanks this worked at nothing was lost it has made my laptop come back to

  11. I press f8 and nothing happens i try holding down bothing constantly
    clicking nothing holding shift and f8 nothing 

  12. does this delete anything off your computer after words? 

  13. .ou

  14. Thanks so much! This works at first try.

  15. It lets me click task manager but nothing comes up and I can’t access the
    search bar and if I restart my windows 8 asus laptop and hold shift all it
    says is continent windows 8 or turn off laptop anyone know how to fix this
    plz help me 

  16. Simply click on the Menu button in Chrome and select Relaunch Google Chrome
    in Desktop (or the opposite Windows 8) mode. You will then be transformed
    to the Modern UI app in couple of seconds. Done. Simple.

  17. Or you can just hit the power button onthw sign in screen hold shift then
    click restart >.>

  18. So it was my GPU driver that caused it… 

  19. Windows 8.1 likes to turn on laptop camera randomly and take pictures

  20. this doesn’t work for me,but i found new way that is press F12 into the
    boot options and choose first selection

  21. shift F8 doesn’t do anything here; the only thing I can do is adjust the
    sound (which is kind of useluss atm), connect to a second screen (if one
    black screen doesn’t suffice) and a bunch of other useluss things;
    otherwise I can only see the mouse

  22. When I try to get in safe mode, I get the same black screen… Impossible
    to do anything. 

  23. such BS EA hasn’t fixed this crap. This is why I won’t bother purchasing
    another one of their games.

  24. Aw I’m using a Virtual machine VMware 6 anyone know how to fix this…
    I want to be able to have a Windows 8 again…

  25. Microsoft likes to watch you

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