Windows 8.1 Boot Directly to the Desktop (Bypass the Start Screen)

Windows 8.1 Boot Directly to the Desktop (Bypass the Start Screen)

If you don’t like the Windows 8 Start screen, with Windows 8.1 that’s OK. Now you can boot directly to the Desktop – bypassing the Start screen completely. T…

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  1. thats what it looks like in win 8

  2. This video shows how to do this in Windows 8.1 Preview, and it’s the same
    process in Windows 8.1 – it’s just worded a little differently on the
    Taskbar’s Properties page.

  3. I like your “to the point” answers for windows 8 questions. They have
    helped me a lot.

  4. I pinned some items to it – the video software I use and SkyDrive. It may
    have to do with the theme though – look at the background of desktop – I’ve
    changed it since then and can’t remember. But you can fool around with the
    settings in Control Panel.

  5. Where can I get the wallpaper you have used…. Its awesome

  6. thank you

  7. That wall paper came with the beta version of Windows 8.1 – I don’t have it
    anymore either! JB

  8. Thank you! I hate looking at videos to learn something and the person talks
    for like, two minutes before getting to what I want him to day!

  9. Official 8.1 released Oct 17/18th has changed the boot to desktop option.
    It’s now “When I sign in or close all apps….”

  10. Yes indeed! I need to redo some of these videos!

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