Windows 8.1 – Change Network Type (Public-Private, Private-Public)

The way you change the network type has changed since Windows 8. Now you have to make the change in PC Settings.
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  1. Emannuel, its been moved! I am not at my computer now but thsts why you
    cant find it!

  2. i dont have that find devices and content thing

  3. What is the point of creating the three profiles if you have to memorize
    what settings are associated with each profile. That completely undermines
    the entire idea of having profiles. I sooooo hate Microsoft. Why do the
    make security setting of all things such a challenge and a moving target.
    For crying out loud security should be the most intuitive of all settings
    and M$ is playing hide and seek with it. I just imaged a machine with 8.1
    and now “Network” isn’t even an option in the PC settings, what a total
    cluster F&**%$

  4. I like how they change it now in every incremental release.

  5. thanks!

  6. I swear I can’t see that command anywhere

  7. I woul but i downloaded win 8 from win 7 so now i cant update it dont work
    can you tell me how on windows 8 because i tried for uears firat day it
    worked then it disnt but i reinstalled i and ayatem but still not working i
    have it as public the hamachi network

  8. after a modem change my option thought i was on a public netowrk innstead
    of a provate home network , your turotial fixed it :D

  9. Thank you for this video.. Just another reason why Microsoft needs to get
    their heads out of their A$$ and fix this horrible OS family (this just
    shows that 8.1 is even less intuitive than 8.0).. When will Microsoft learn
    that the “tablet world” and the “desktop world” do not blend smoothly and
    their implementation of it is just plain disappointing. Windows Vista was
    a bad OS from the sense it was slow, but it still maintained common sense
    functionality.. This is the exact opposite..

  10. does not work for me. Cant get it to read private. 

  11. Thank you! Windows 8 is terrible!

  12. please tellme how I do it on windows 8 because I have Hamachi and I cant
    change it to private it is on public netmwork:(

  13. I have window 8.1 on my home wifi network. Windows says it is private I do
    not have any of the setting you show in the video.

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