Windows 8.1 commercial song [Sara Bareilles – Brave]

Sara Bareilles – Brave Full Music Video at:

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  1. remember? anyone?

  2. Fuck this song man. Windows needs to pick a new song. 

  3. In the advert when she sang ” I want see you be brave ” I thought * wtf had
    that line got to do with the product, and if none why make it a feature
    spoken part at the advert *……… Ended hating the Advert

  4. You gotta be kidding me lol!
    The best 2 Windows musics EVER were the following two:

    -Windows XP welcome music
    -Windows XP tour music

    This music/song cannot compete with those 2…not even close!

  5. NICE

  6. I have been hearing this commercial for months and finally had to come here
    to see what she was singing. I must say the words ‘Honestly, I want to see
    you be brave’ is a very fitting enticement to get people to switch to
    something as dysfunctional as Windows 8. 

  7. This song really, really sucks…I want to throw my TV out the door every
    time a MS commercial comes on…

  8. For anyone wondering Microsoft is discreetly saying to holding back windows
    xp/vista/7 that MS wants people to give windows 8.1 a go and be brave to
    give it a shot. (The advert this is in)

  9. I just “honestly wanna see” what th’ hell this song has to do with selling
    technology, specifically Windows 8.1 … I’m sure Sara Bareilles has gotten
    a fortune for the use of her powerful song — but nothing about the song
    makes me wanna invest in Windows 8.1… …and in fact — it’s annoying
    repetition makes me mad at Microsoft altogether…so in my mind — it’s a
    “FAIL”… …
    (and until I looked it up – I thought this overused song clip was from the
    inimitable Katy Perry…’sorry Katy !!)

  10. I love the song and I like windows 8. I didn’t think I wouldn’t after 7,
    but I do now. If you haven’t actually used it, then shut the f#ck up. 


  12. Honestly I want to hear this woman sing in tune. 

  13. Lame song for a misguided product.

  14. Get the new Windows on the Lenovo Voga 11s. : D

  15. best song <3

  16. I despise this song her voice grinds on me everytime the ad comes on I have
    to switch over .. I wana see you be brave ….aaaaargh!!!!

  17. Makes me want to murder all of MS

  18. This is great! Thanks!

  19. I like the song but Micro$oft is still a piece of JUNK.

  20. HATE FUCKING WINDOWS 8….!!! …..There that’s better…..

  21. Wow, I love this song…

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