Windows 8.1 @ Computex 2013 – Demo, apps, devices

Antoine Leblond, corporate vice president of Windows program management joined Tami and other top Microsoft executives on stage to give our very first public…
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  1. Microsoft’s full Computex 2013 Windows 8.1 presentation. Enjoy.

    Windows 8.1 @ Computex 2013 – Demo, apps, devices

  2. Pretty much all you ever wanted to know about Windows 8.1, if you have an
    hour to kill.

  3. Microsoft makes decent products, imo, although this was laughable.

    The guy on stage calls tablets “great for photos”. Whenever I see someone
    trying to take video with an iPad, I have to laugh at how awful it looks.
    It is tough to stabilize a heavy object to take video.

  4. Windows 8 brings desktop and mobile together which to me is a pretty good
    idea. I like those hybrid laptop/tablet pc’s, you can run them from your
    desk, bed, travelling, etc…. The problem with 8/8.1 is that it needs
    better apps. And the fonts are definitely better and easier on the eyes
    than windows 7.

  5. Windows 8.1 @ Computex 2013.

    (80 minutes video)

    #windows #computex2013 

  6. Spend $5 and get start8, it’s a great program that adds in a start menu
    that’s very easily customized.

  7. I relly don’t under stand how they think its good

  8. The problem is bugs. It is better to have the masses of testers testing it
    out before it comes out. There are enough new features to have that problem.

  9. MICROSOFT! PLAY NICE! What’s up with that shot at Apple in the beginning?
    That’s just cheap

  10. enhanced tablet OS being forced for PC users. Thnx – NO. Screwing up 2
    MAJOR things for a company in a year is quite hard, but microsoft achieved
    it: Screwed up windows 8 even more (hard to believe that was possible) and
    FAILED with their XBONE. M$ gives a new meaning to a word FAIL.

  11. Not really sure what 8.1 offers desktop users.. looks the same.

  12. same here. surface pro looks good..

  13. Grande Merda comparar com o ipad, windows 8 é mil vezes melhor que 10 ipads

  14. is that Robbie Bach on :52 ??

  15. ok dude use the keyboard button or the charms bar not that hard

  16. I must admit I was a bit reluctant to leave 7 for 8, but W8 on my laptop
    with touch-screen is by far the best windows experience I’ve had in 20
    years of Windows. Can’t wait for this update to come out 😎

  17. we need start menu…

  18. I can snap 2 apps right now. I have 1366×768… You know, the most popular
    resolution on the planet.

  19. Really good presentation. But the lack of direct audio is completely

  20. can wait for fucking microsft to shut the fuck up about ipads not being
    able to to 2 thicks a oenes and THAY PLAYING THE PAINO NOT COPSTEX DICK

  21. not needed, the new one is really great, just takes a bit to get used to

  22. Microsoft all the way for me. thank god for this company

  23. they actually brought back the older start button, but now you right click
    to get to it

  24. retard. pls stay on mac. don’t come back.

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