Windows 8.1 – DirectX 11.2 ( Download & Install )

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  1. It is still showing me DirectX 11.

  2. thaaaank you :D

  3. Does the GPU have to be DX11.2 or can it be DX11?

  4. why is mine keep saying can’t download and need to check connection ? my
    internet work just fine.

  5. Be carefull on 0:33, you can fu*k up your browser with that Bing Bar haha

  6. My problem is that, when I install DX 11.2 I go to Windows informations
    (in other programs) and it shows 11.0…. The program is called CPU-Z …
    Can you please download that program go to about tab and tell me if you get
    the same results, I would appriciate that GREAT VIDEO :)

  7. thank you this helped sooo much

  8. What a useless video at the end you say see the DirectX version and it says
    DirectX 11 not 11.1 or 11.2, it says 11 so you have not proved that you
    installed 11.2 again useless video unless I want a tutorial on clicking
    next. Plus who would trust those download links they are not official
    Microsoft sites. 

  9. hey i need help i keep getting the ”a cabinet file necessary for
    installation cannot be trusted.” error and i need it, please help

  10. What kind of music is playing? Please tell me.

  11. thanks mate win update didn’t want to update my directx apparentely

  12. 0:40

  13. When I’m installing it, I get an error message – (please refer to
    dxerror.log and directx.log in your windows folder to determine problem) do
    you know what’s happeneing? please help, we’ve been working at this for the
    past 6 hours now we’re desperate D:

  14. Thx thx so much but the download link dident work so i download from a
    other site but thx so much you got a sub 

  15. How do i “Run Setup”, I don’t even know how to use the things you told me
    to download, can someone show or tell me how to really do this in actual
    detail PLEASE because I’m not familiar with this stuff.

  16. valeu obrigado ajudo mt

  17. grax si funsiona 100% no komo otros :S

  18. Its not working for me :( i get this error after unselecting the bing bar
    option. help please! 

  19. Thanks bro :)

  20. I’m using windows 8 and when I try to open the file it tells me to go look
    for it in the app store. The thing is that I cant find it there! HALPPPP!!

  21. Hey it says my cryptographic services need to be enabled??

  22. can u show how 2 make computer fast??

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