Windows 8.1 Dropbox app review

Dropbox app for Windows 8.1 available free.

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  1. Helpful explanation AND I have a DropBox icon and folder on my desktop with
    all of my files I want stored in DB – how do they get from those folders to
    DB? Do I have to upload them manually? and how to the changes I make
    daily get uploaded?

  2. In windows 8.1 when I open up the charms on the right side and attempt to
    “share a screenshot to dropbox” It opens up a mini panel on the right hand
    side and just shows a loading screen for dropbox. It just won’t do anything
    past that. Any ideas about that? I’ve reinstalled, restarted etc. Can’t get
    it to work

  3. very helpful review 😀 thanks!

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