Windows 8.1: Enable BitLocker Drive Encryption (with or without TPM)

You can enable BitLocker Drive Encryption with or without a compatible TPM chip. This will protect your drive and data with a BitLocker key – in our case – a…
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  1. If anyone cannot find bit-locker on there system what you need to do is.

    Control panel
    System and security
    Add features to windows
    Enter product key and let it do its thing. You will then have bit-locker

  2. hi.. I am using windows 8.1 single language.. same as crunch stated below
    .. I don’t have bitlocker in my system… pls help

  3. Gracias. muy buen video. me gustó y me ayudó mucho.

  4. thank youuu

  5. There is no BitLocker Drive Encryption icon in my control panel. Any ideas
    on how to put it there?

  6. THANK YOU!!!

  7. thanks <3 

  8. I thought you had to use a USB drive without TPM. This makes me feel a lot
    better/safer now that I can just use a password. Thank you!

  9. Thank you. Thank you!!!
    I use Harald Schendera words as if it was mine. This video explanation
    helped me pretty much.

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