Windows 8.1 Error 0x000000C4 in Virtualbox

Windows 8.1 Error 0x000000C4 in Virtualbox

If the settings are not correct you might get a following error when trying to start a Windows 8.1 virtual machine in Virtualbox. Error code: 0x000000C4 Para…
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  1. Thanks!!! Dude… :)

  2. my notebook doesnt support hardware acceleration so i cant use Windows 8.1
    Help Please

  3. Great! Also note this error will also occur if you are booting any WinPE
    environment created for 8, even though your OS is Windows 7. This occurred
    for me when I was doing a Syspred & Capture of a Windows 7 machine with the
    latest Windows 8 WinPE environment.

  4. Very Goodd!!!!! Very Thanks

  5. Didnt work. Any idea why?

  6. do you have “Oracle VM VirtualBox Extension Pack” installed?

  7. Yes, all of that i have done. And using the latest virtualbox, downloaded
    60min ago

  8. It did work for me :)

  9. No, but i just installed it, and getting the same issue. Even deleted the
    VM and created it again

  10. check virtualboxorg/ticket/11841

  11. and you have checked that the io apic is checked from settings -> system
    Enable IO APIC is checked? and that you aren’t using a old version of
    virtualbox and that the OS you are installing is the same as the version
    you selected from the list.

  12. bom trabalho! obrigado.

  13. That does not work for me

  14. Thanks! This fixed my problem perfectly.

  15. Same here, window running and ready to work!


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