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Question by Robert: I have an laptop with Intel i3 CPU and which Windows is the best?
It does not have the touch screen ability and it has Intel i3, HD3000 and 4GB of RAM

Which Windows is the best?

7 or 8.1?

Is 8.1 faster than 7?

I mostly use it for PhotoShop and very light gaming (games that were popular 20 years ago) and smartphone development

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Answer by Amna Ateef
i have a laptop with intel processor i3. i use windows 7 pro on it and works like what i wanted. although the model i use is designed for windows 8 but i prefer windows 7 more than windows 8. its more easier to use and is lesser expensive than windows 8 or 8.1.

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  1. I have a desktop with an Intel i3 and 4 GB RAM. I use it for internet browsing and light office work. I have Windows 7 Professional on it. It works great for what I want it to do. I haven’t seen any reason to upgrade to 8.1. From what I have heard, 7 runs a little faster.
    You can still buy Windows 7 from Newegg software. They’re trustworthy. I buy from them all the time.

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