Windows 8.1: How to change the “Welcome” Pre Logon screen background

How to change the hideous screen BEFORE logging in. The “Lock Screen” method only works if only ONE user account is set up, and not in a cooperate environment.


  1. how did you change the logon black screen into your wallpaper ( the screen
    where you put your password)

  2. Nehm doch nicht eine Kamera… Nehm VMWare & Camtasia.. Viel bessere

  3. I don’t have a file Called “programdata” :I

  4. whats the point of doing this in English if everything on you computer is a
    different language?? Really wish you would have changed your computer’s
    language before doing this vid..

  5. Worked perfectly first time, thanks! :)

  6. Thanks a lot for this :)

  7. i don’t understand. i searched for this because i forgot how to do it but i
    remember changing it without any help whatsoever. i figured it out again
    and honestly it’s so easy, you just have to be on your pc settings and it’s
    like right there for you to change it. why go through so much trouble?
    here’s a one step tutorial to change your windows 8 lock screen: go to pc
    settings and voila

  8. um if you’re admin you can try going to computer settings in the list of
    apps you have and it should come up with the lock screen and shiz so you
    can just change it easy as

  9. is there still no other way to change this with a setting?

  10. Um, its called Windows Start Screen -> click on your computer name and
    profile picture at the top right -> click change account picture -> click
    the back arrow on the top left -> then click on lock screen; you can also
    change 2 other picture options for your Windows. I hope you finds out, or
    already knows by now…

  11. since I changed my computers name I don’t know what to put in

  12. Doesn’t work. There is NO extended security option. This sucks.

  13. This is an excellent tutorial. Nice job. Thanks so much!

  14. you do know you can change it with the pc setting dumb fuck

  15. Hi, I have done the same in the video. However, my “pre-login” screen
    become blue instead of the img100.jpg. What can I do?
    Thank you! 

  16. Ich kann img100.jpg nicht umbenennen. Ich kann dir bis 3:25 folgen, aber
    danach bekomme ich keine Zugriffsrechte… Ich brauche die Erlaubnis von
    “mir” O_o

  17. How do you change the account login page background, the one where you
    enter your password… ?

  18. This is an awesome tutorial! I work on a domain controlled laptop so if
    your user isn’t logged in, it takes the default everytime (even if you do
    the charms change lock screen). This works like a charm… plus, I changed
    em both so the default is one pic and my user pic is another… Thanks for
    the Tut!

  19. dein Englisch ist sehr gut

  20. i dont find any dir path like “C:ProgramDataMicrosoftWindows” instead i
    have program files,perflogs

  21. I got to step 3:24, but I am unable to rename the file. My user is
    Chikokishi, and i set myself as owner (just like the other parts), but it
    tells me i need permission from Chikokishi to rename the file. … I need
    permission from myself? Thanks for any help.

  22. Wow Microsoft is such a fail sometimes. 

  23. Or you could go to ‘Settings’, and then ‘Change PC settings’. In the
    ‘Personalise’ screen that shows up, choose ‘Lock screen’ to change it to
    another Windows standard or to any other image you choose. Read more at
    under ‘To change your lock screen picture’

  24. Thanks, this is how I had to do it on my lappy.

  25. omg! Danke! I was mostly just interested in figuring out how to get into
    that damned systemData folder. For some reason, my name wasn’t listed as a
    valid user in the system. So, one can just add “Authenticated Users” as
    well, and that worked.

    But what I really want to change (using the above video as an example) is
    that damned Fujitsu screen (mine is Toshiba) – the one here: How do you replace that

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