Windows 8.1 How to install Google chrome browser

Google chrome web browser for Windows 8.1.
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  1. You obviously dont know that most of the people dont see that download on
    the search … 

  2. Your a liar, there is no link

  3. He is right be careful I dowoaed chrome and it would t open and I got
    astromenda which was my default browser and PC pro cleanup haha

  4. It happened differently for me, why? I have a Windows 8.1 PC…

  5. doesn’t really help people with windows RT 8.1 tablets does it?

  6. I hate this tablet, going to get Samsung galaxy note tablet. I can’t
    download anythin on here

  7. this is for windows surface 8.0/8.1 PRO. not RT.
    RT cannot install any external exe. you need to jailbreak first. but only
    8.0 is available for now. not 8.1. google for the batch file.

  8. It won’t let me install on my surface 2.

  9. Like the video it relly helped me thanks

  10. When ever i click run on windows surface rt it say this app cant run on
    your .

  11. i suggested this :D

  12. Thanks, this was very helpful

  13. Due not to be disrespectful but what you are saying only works for
    jailbroken surfaces. 

  14. Not working for my surface

  15. hi gays , i have a problem after windows upgrade from windows 8 to windows
    8.1 , i can not log in any websites by any browser although outlook mail
    and windows widgets like weather exchanges stocks are working well , please
    any help ! 

  16. eh….there is a button on the search website you can click…if your OS is
    supported, it will install chrome…why go through all that mumbo jumbo?

  17. Personnaliser votre message

  18. When ever i click run on windows surface rt it say this app cant run on
    your .

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