Windows 8.1 – How To Reset Your PC and Fix Some Files are Missing Error

A quick video showing how to reset your Windows 8.1 installation to factory settings and Fix Insert Media – Some Files are Missing Error. – Your files WILL b…
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  1. I have uploaded a new video showing you to find your Windows 8 and 8.1
    product key. Check it out!! Windows 8 and 8.1 – Finding Your Product Key

  2. im having internet problems ??? -_________-

    this process is more easy and you don’t need to download windows again.

  4. When I try to do A pc refresh or reinstall window I get a similar but not
    the same message you got “could not find the recovery environment insert
    your windows installation or recovery media and restart your pc with the
    media” is your method going to solve my problem or it another kind of
    problem? and can I use a USB instead of DVD?
    thanks in advance.

  5. This product key cannot be used to install a retail version of windows 8.1.

  6. Can u please help
    My computer just stops at the please wait preparing part, It’s not frozen
    but it takes like 5 hrs and it still won’t change to the media file part
    Please Help. Thank you

  7. after i download the iso file to my desktop it doesnt give the option to
    burn to disk

  8. This doesnt work for some people like on mine it said my key was incorrect
    after sevrals trys of typing it in but i found another way if you have your
    windows 8 disk insert and install then you put your key in and it works
    pefect, and is the same as a factory reset. I hope this helped you guys!

  9. Would this work if I made a bootable usb drive instead of the dvd?

  10. where can i find my windows product key from? I had it built in when i
    bought my PC desktop

  11. What if your network wifi doesnt work. Because my laptop wifi wont work i
    try everything but recovery but it wont let me cause I need windows
    installation or recovery media to continue. And I can’t go on online any
    advice would help thank u so much 

  12. My update and recovery won’t work it takes to long to load and freezes

  13. My problem is that I bought my PC last year and I don’t know where to find
    my product key any one know where to look?

  14. i tried this but it says not available in your country which is Canada.
    Then i tried to install it under xp mode service 3 but then it wont even
    open at all saying this platform is not supported. What to do now?


  15. Does it affect only C Drive or all …..?

  16. can I use this way without DVD ?

  17. it wont let me factory reset it says i need a reset disk but i know i dont
    because ive done it before

  18. hi !! Sir Dan’have a good day i’m from the philippines,,,Sir Dan i have a
    big prodlem about my windows 8 same as like this your video with each a (
    Files Missing Error ) Also a big prodlem i have no DVD recovery,Sir Dan
    pls..hope you can help me to solved my big prodlem as soon as
    possible..thanks for upload. God bless………….

  19. Does this work if I want to “Refresh”!!!

  20. will a dvd+r work

  21. I have a problem which says ‘sorry purchase is not available in your
    country’ can you help me?

  22. it shows me my country is not for online purcharge . what can i do now ?

  23. Hi my screen is black how do I reboot it if nothing come up?

  24. Hi ,why the product key must be input ?how to skip it

  25. Sorry, Windows 8.1 isin’t available for online purchase in the
    country/region that you’r in.

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