Windows 8.1 how to uninstall search conduit virus

Protect by Search Conduit virus removal instructions for Windows 8.1.
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  1. Finally got rid of the stupid thing

  2. Thank you so much!!

  3. Problem is, the new version of malewarebytes doesn’t find shit! Still have
    the problem

  4. I got it twice and dumped my computer it worked but I lost my stuff but now
    my sims series is now screwed.

  5. malwarebytes detected only one threat on my laptop which was obviously the
    conduit thingy but it didnt say removed it just said quarantine and then
    delete is that the same as removing it? other than that your video is very
    helpful :) subscribing to you

  6. thx whiteboy

  7. thanks mate i was kinda scared for my pc

  8. Does this work for trovi/trovigo or wathever that bullshit is called?

  9. I don’t get it..It’s detected on MalwareBytes, But I don’t see anything on
    my Web browser even related to it.

  10. thank you for the help i had this thing on here for 3 months and i was
    about to pay an expert to get rid of it but this saved me $100 thank you

  11. Like all the rest. Many thanks. Grtz from Belgium

  12. THANK YOU!!! Worked like a charm. I will be subscribing, AND recommending
    to others that they subscribe, as well.

  13. Thanks Thanks Thanks.
    Hurray It worked.
    Specially loved your commentary in the background. :)

  14. Thank you so much!

  15. Thank you for the help, got this virus from the divx video codec :(

  16. very complete tutorial. that you very much! How to get rid of the Search
    Conduit/Trovio virus.

  17. i dont see it in my program

  18. Found over 1000+ on my laptop haha…whoa….40 mins it took… very good

    Thank you

  19. Just “THANK YOU!”

  20. Thank you, doing a
    little spring computer cleaning and this helped me get ride of a major

  21. can you help i have a software that cant be remove and blocks important

  22. Thanks so much I have a new computer and don’t want to junk it up! I
    downloaded the Malware to and it found the rest of the search conduit

  23. Man you Rock! Thank you very much.

  24. Thanks much! You solved my problem. 

  25. Thanks for your explanations, it was very useful. Great job!

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