Windows 8.1 / IE11 (& IE10) (Internet Explorer) Always open in DESKTOP Mode [Tutorial][HD]

Short guide showing you how to open IE11 or IE10 Internet Explorer 11 or 10 in Desktop mode rather than Metro / App Mode. This can be done via the settings o…
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  1. Thanks for posting; this was driving me insane!

  2. my computer can open enternet explorer in the desktop mode before and i can
    use also in a window tile .. but now i cant open in the desktop but i can
    open it on a tile .. what the problem of this one?

  3. Have you had any luck with Google Chrome, does that work?

  4. Clicking the tile should open it in the tile, clicking it on the desktop
    should open it on the desktop. If you do the fix in this video it should
    always be desktop. What is yours doing?

  5. Thanks

  6. Thank you!

  7. So the program opens but not website will load?

  8. Glad it helped – subscribe for more!

  9. I cant open in the destop but I can open in my tile …. whats the problem
    of this??

  10. nothing will appear even if I will type fb on it but in a tile mode it can
    open it thnk u

  11. can you help me do this on windows XP? thanks

  12. yup

  13. i cant find internet explorer settings

  14. Are you in desktop mode?

  15. When you say you can’t on the desktop.. Is the icon there or missing? Or
    does it show an error or just do nothing?

  16. Yes

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