Windows 8.1: It’s Slightly Less Terrible

Windows 8.1: It's Slightly Less Terrible

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  1. You never hear any complaints about it’s performance, they are all “There’s
    no start button” or “I hate how it looks!”

  2. How do run 3 or more start screen apps at the same time?? It’s impossible
    to do that…

  3. Why do people not like this but like 7 more? I’m asking because I’m buying
    a pc soon, I’ve always had a mac, so I haven’t used either of them, and
    have to chose what will go on my pc, its going to be mostly for gaming.
    Any help will be, helpful.

  4. Is it possible to entirely uninstall Metro from Win8?
    I know it’s possible to change Win8 to basically function like a normal
    computer (as demonstrated^), but even knowing it’s using up space on my PC
    eats at my genitals.

    On a side note, does Win8 support RAID 1?

  5. i u r gamer dont try it, right now no game but BF4 use dx11.2, and even BF4
    just get 0.3% more fps , and most old games, those u need to run on
    compatibility mode wont work ,:) , but if u r an office guy go ahead this
    windows is just for u :) 

  6. Jesus what a steaming turd. My next computer is definitely going to be a

  7. when asked to update to 8.1 from Win 8 pro do you still get 8.1 pro?

  8. Once you get your start button back via a program such as StartIsBack its
    all good. Its restore point function works a treat (had issues with
    previous versions). I just made an absolute mess and using a restore point
    from earlier today I was up and running again within 10 minutes. BUT
    REMEMBER – if its for a gaming rig error on the side of caution when
    mounting more than one graphics card *support issues*. I opted for 1 high
    end graphics card (dual sucks up power and creates more heat anyway).

  9. If you’re smart, you download something like ClassicShell and bypass the
    Metro screen forever. It’s free, customizable and works perfectly. I have
    never been back to the Metro screen since.

    Performance-wise, I like 8.1. It’s not my preferred OS; I’m not a sheep.
    Real users use UNIX. 

  10. By season pack 4 it’ll be a whole new windows 7 :P

  11. it works for me and i think thats what matters

  12. Can I take selfies with this?

  13. I actually love 8.1 it´s so awesome on the Yoga 2 Pro! But i hate the 8.1.1
    update and downgraded it. it´s super senseless especially the magnifying
    glass next to the profie pic on start screen, i mean, if you want to search
    for something on start you just type, right? But if that works why would be
    anybody so stupid by clicking first on the magnifying glass and then start
    typing?!? Can anybody tell me?? Another thing is the app-list: they made it
    ugly and the management is a bit messed up. the only useful thing for
    DESKTOP PC users (not for tablet or hybrid users) is the power menu which
    is also placed next to the profile pic. Oh, and the function that the menu
    bar (that one which came up when you right click on an start screen icon)
    is replaced by a desktop style menu looks in my opinion really ugly. In
    general, they messed their system up by mixing the metro ui with the
    desktop ui. They just don´t fit each other. When i´m on the desktop i want
    to see nothing but the desktop and if i´m on the metro ui i want to see
    nothing but the metro ui. It´s just as simple as that and they have done it
    great before.

  14. Warning people! If your a gamer dont install Windows 8.1 most of the games
    out there in steam exampel COD4 CS GO etc. they dont work!

  15. Windows 8 is a perfect example of why making a good UI is so important. 8
    is much better than 7 in terms of performance, but it’s UI is ridiculous.

  16. im getting a new pc in a month and i cant wait to get windows 8.1 because i
    love metro, yes i know its weird but i really like the metro 

  17. Too bad windows 8.1 is still schizophrenic.
    Just try disabling Bluetooth with the metro PC settings panel instead of
    the tried and true control panel/network connections path and then try to
    use your right click context menu on a file and you will see what I mean.
    BTW – metro PC settings does not close when you click the “X” – WTF ?

  18. Windows 8.1 is freaking amazing and way faster than Windows 7, run
    Benchmarks on Windows 8.1 & Windows 7 and you will see Windows 8.1 will
    always win. and also Windows 8.1 just looks absolutely beautiful for a
    operating system.

  19. Windows 8 = Turn your PC into a Tablet

  20. Having a major Problem that I can’t understand, most of the time when I log
    on all that comes up is my desktop background picture all my icons are
    missing , I can click on the windows icons on the bottom left , it will
    brings up apps screen , I can open the apps , but if I click on a program
    icon such as control panel ,even ITunes it will send an icon down by the
    bottom left side by the windows icon and it will not open , what’s going on
    it their some kind of desktop background setting that is wrong or
    something , hopefully somebody can understand my problem and can help me
    , cuz i’m having to restart my computer every time I want to use my desktop
    thanks , please somebody help

  21. After I got over my initial shock and hatred of Win8, I’ve really come to
    like 8.1. I’ve been on Win7 for years now, and after using 8.1 for several
    months now, I can honestly say that 8.1 is faster and just as stable as 7. 

  22. Still looks pretty terrible. I don’t want any Metro apps forced on my

  23. Hey, I’m only 62-years old. This Windows 8 thing isn’t nearly complicated
    enough. I want something far more challenging – I guess I’ll just go learn
    a new language, like Swahili. Fuck Windows 8 – who needs the damned thing?
    I’ll continue to use Windows XP and Linux. Ugh. 

  24. Upgraded to my win 8 Today! It’s like billion 9999.999. times
    better than windows 8.1! :D

  25. Ha Newbbb

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