Windows 8.1 Lags and Stops ? – Fix It

Video Script: If you are a Windows 8.1 user and experiencing lagging issues, follow this video tutorial to fix…


  1. @ Sagar Anand
    Data won’t be deleted.

  2. Hello, My name is Laurence. what is the name of the song playing in this
    video and what is the name of the group. This is my type of music, I
    absolutely love it!!

  3. Is this safe because Trainz 2010 is really lagging on windows 8.1 

  4. @ Roland Ang.


  5. i havea problem wen i boot up the laptop it works fine for the first 10-15
    minutes then it like starts to lag very much … then i hit the refresh
    button a couple of times and its normal again then after 10 minutes it
    starts again mine is hp pavillion g6 someoone plz help

  6. Do u just leave it as normal after the restarting of the pc?

  7. My windows 8 is laging sometimes hang and error. Even the first day i
    bauggt it :/

  8. My laptop keeps freezing on startup the spiny circle freezes. Then i reboot
    and it works perfectly fine. Help ? 

  9. Hey if i do that, the data will not get erased right ?

  10. i got great pc and dont know why its lagging after 22 hrs and when i play
    games lag as hell

  11. By the way if safe mode has been enabled you can go into msconfig and
    disable it

  12. Well appreciated, this is.

  13. Could at least post a fucking link, I’m not typing that.

  14. My outlook mail and window tiles stopped working. I am totally computer
    illiterate, and for days tried everything, but I couldn’t figure it out.
    This video, re: the safe mode reboot fixed everything. I did begin to panic
    when, at first, I couldn’t figure out how to get it out of safe mode, but
    once I went back into the msconfig. and just un-clicked safe mode boot, it
    was magic, my computer is back again. Thanks. 

  15. Thank you SO MUCH. This helped a lot! 

  16. Delete windows32 if you have the64

  17. My windows 8.1 is very laging everytime i try to play a game it keeps make
    the sound the zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  18. +Registry Recycler Help me. I get update on my Windows 8.1 Pro. After it my
    pc get slowly 5%. Games go not responding after any clicking. HELP ME

  19. My computer very lag. I open every apps need to wait for long time. How to
    solve it?

  20. what is the music please

  21. what? where is everyone :P

  22. Well I followed your steps I went and did the msconfig step rebooted and
    got stuck in safemode and had to restore the computer to get out of it
    because no instructions on how to disable the dam thing grrr.1 day later
    after 123 updates which took 8 hours or so.I think ill take my computer to
    geek squad and get them to set up the computer and check all the nessesary
    boxes that need to be to play games online etc hopfully without lag god its
    awful for gamers this operating system a lot of pissed off people I can
    tell u that.But thx for the try guy I appreciate the help

  23. disable start screen


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