Windows 8.1 limited access wifi FIX!!!

I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (

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  1. mine didnt even says microsoft or broadcom

  2. I don’t have a Broadcom option. The only adaptors are some Bluetooth ones
    and a Qualcomm atheros ar956x wireless network adaptor and a Realtek PCle
    fe family controller

  3. I just did this, was having issues since earlier this week.. and some
    guides online was trying to describe how to do this but kinda failed,
    lol.. thank you so much on showing me in a video.

    I will report back if i am having the same issue still :)

  4. Lovely accent but please speak up.

  5. 2:17 you’re welcome

  6. Fine fix so thanks, man, it was a big help but I’ve got some qualms with
    the way your videos are set up. Your opening sequence is 10 seconds of
    waiting no one needs. If there were something interesting going on I’d be
    all right with it, but it was five seconds of sound and your logo going up
    and then another five of nothing, it’s not worth the waste. The other thing
    that really bothered me was the two straight minutes of talking about
    nothing. The video should have been about a minute and thirty seconds max,
    not almost six. Get to the point, and end it. it gives you more time for
    other stuff, it lets you upload faster, it gives us less of a headache when
    we’re already having trouble with internet connection. Thanks again for the
    fix and I wish you the best.

  7. Doesn’t work!

  8. Bandicam? Fraps? Anything? No offense on the camera, but something more
    sturdy might be better.

  9. Yep, that did the trick (after a restart). Thanks a million!

  10. Thanks! 

  11. Worked like a charm thanks bud. 

  12. Your A Bloody Brilliant lad. My wife will get off my back now that i was
    able to get her back online :) Thanks a ton man!


  14. I tried this along with 2 other things people recommended in another video
    and my wifi works now! I’m not sure which video is to thank so I am sending
    this thank you comment to both people. My wifi did not work until I
    restarted my computer. Just a side note for other people :)

  15. Holy shit dean Carey 20 ILOVE YOU I had this problem for 5 months and I’ve
    only been able to use my laptop in my office with an Ethernet cable hooked
    up thank you sooo much

  16. …. You are Jesus right about now

  17. thank you so mch brother………. nw i can able to access the
    internet…… thnx alot

  18. OMG!! I’ve watch a lot of videos to help me but you’re the only one who
    really help my problem. THANK YOU!

  19. You sir, are a fuckin’ genius! Thank you mate! Worked a charm! 

  20. Thanks dude you’re a legend!!

  21. dude, u talk too quiet. i’m not giving u a thummbs down or anything cuz i
    appreciate the video, but talk louder next time dude. max volume on my
    laptop and i got no idea wtf u r saying. gotta go get some damn headphones
    now just to hear you.


  23. thanks a lot dude, it makes my connection even faster too !

  24. Thanks Man !! I got same problems………After following this video,All
    problems Gone!!

  25. Still says limited 

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