Windows 8.1 | Lockscreen Slideshow Feature PT. 8 Reference Directions: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Softwa…

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  1. Mine is working, however it is not transitioning as fast as yours is. Do
    you have any suggestions on how i could speed it up?

  2. It worked, thanks mate!

  3. I Have a non activte windows blue so i did every thing like you and in the
    control panel it show it enabled but nothing happen in the lock screen…
    What should i Type in “SlideshowDirectoryPath1” ??????

  4. How can you choose a thumbnail for the video and it not in the video ?????

  5. We are Good in Syria Because We are with Bashar Al Asad For ever so don’t
    worry.. but thank you !!

  6. How did you get windows blue ??

  7. Is this a new window or an update for window 8 and is it going to be free?

  8. If you do not have Windows 8.1 activated, then you can’t use this feature.

  9. I’m sure it’ll be free. No Devs or Enterprises have been talking about
    pricing so this will just be an update. Consider it possibly like a Service
    Pack with out calling it a “Service Pack”. I guess that will be replaced
    with .1; for instance. “Windows 8.1”

  10. Nice

  11. Is it possible to just have a fade? Like the Desktop slideshow? ‘Cause I
    have a few picture that are the same, but the colors are different, and the
    desktop slideshow is ideal for it.

  12. it is not working please help i did every thing you told me to but still
    does not slide show

  13. When you upload a video, you have the option now to choose a custom
    thumbnail of your choice that you make. Not sure if you have that, but I’m
    sure you can give it a try to see if you have it. This option can be found
    when you are uploading a video. BTW, stray strong in Syria if you are in
    trouble times there.

  14. It’s a test version. You’ll get a free chance on June 26.

  15. Really appreaciate these videos! 😀 Thanks!

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