windows 8.1 network sharing files folders

How to share files and folders in Windows 8 with other Windows computers.
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  1. Can you tell me how to download free Word Publisher? Thank you very much!

  2. Amazing video! :) Thank you. But I get stuck at the passwords part, what
    passwords and username should I enter? I entered my password but it says
    wrong password..
    ( 6:49 in the video thats where im stuck.. )

  3. Here’s the extra steps I had to take (I disabled password protected sharing
    also because it’s a pain and unnecessary on a home network):

    1. Right click the folder you want to share and click Share With –>
    Homegroup (either one).

    2. Right click the folder you want to share again and click Include In –>
    (select the type of files). You may need to do this more than once if it
    contains for example pics and videos.

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