Windows 8.1 Preview Demo #ComputerClan

CHECK OUT THE FINAL RELEASE DEMO HERE! Windows 8.1 (Blue) is full of new features, such as an updated Start Screen, new apps, new Snap Modes, Internet Explorer 11, …
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  1. the whole design concept of windows 8 sucks

  2. And this is why I’m sticking with Windows XP

  3. ЯD?

  4. OOh, something free from Microsoft!? LOL… too late for me, after using
    DOS all the way to Windows 7 64 bit, I’m totally hooked on Xubuntu (a
    distro of Linux) and I don’t even think of Windows anymore. Can’t beat
    free everything and it is MUCH better and faster than Windows.

  5. “look up some information about a celebrity” omg best function evaar I need
    this windows 8.1 right now just for that it’s so important to look up
    information about celebrities!!!!!


  7. still garbage OS.. bing, who cares, I.E 11, sucks, start menu…blah blah
    blah.. still the worst selling OS in MS history and simply garbage for
    business users and home users on laptops and desktops..

  8. Yes, they’d better add real-deal applications into new OS, not just news
    channels, calling them “apps”.
    …the powerful Bing search with slides and previews are quite nice.

  9. Thank you for the video, however I’ve got a question. Can you get rid of
    those horrible tiles once for all? Pretty close to give up and switch to
    the dark side. Do you think that it may be an option for Windows 9? (No
    tiles) Regards

  10. I wish to also add I found a lot of software that did not ran to well on
    Windows 7 actually working fine with Windows 8. Good example is Fallout 3
    which required me to mess with its config file, re patch it and do changes
    to the .exe just so Windows 7 could see it. Windows 8 only needed the
    patch file. I am not saying its perfect I mean it has it flaws but
    honestly I have not seen many issues concerning its performance.

  11. Have windows 8.1 and love it, yes like many I was taken back by the changes
    in Windows 8 and at first I was unsure but I decided to give it a fair go.
    There some powerful functions under the bonnet and I do love its more
    direct approach. Things like having direct access to menu options on the
    desktop as a ribbon bar ontop of folders and being able to quickly change
    menus with the Windows key. After a short time I did not even notice the
    start button was missing and to be honest I even liked not having to go
    menu hunting like I use to. It also uses a lot less memory and is much
    quicker to respond. All the complaints been about the appearance of
    Windows 8 and not about its functionality. Fact is its quicker, uses less
    resources and once you get use to the changes its more convenient. Even
    went out and bought a copy for my laptop which came with Windows 7 and
    found it ran it a lot more smoother then Windows 7.

  12. 1:44 LOL 69

  13. Windows 7 is still better then windows 8

  14. i hate windows 8 , its like using a tablet , they tried to make it way to
    user friendly for idiots

  15. Very good that before to change computers in the office i bought a new
    laptop with WIN 8.1 for myself . Now i know that WIN 8.1 is the worst OS in
    the world . Instead START button to make big ALARM CLOCK or have menu like
    in the Tablet , its fu.. stupid . My opinion .

  16. They should have kept windows 7 for the laptop and windows 8 for the
    tablet. We need that start menu list. It’s way too meticulous rearranging
    and changing the start menu in windows 8. Now it seems like I constantly
    use search to find something which shouldn’t be the case.

  17. Finally Microsoft is making Windows much better with 8.1.

  18. I have Windows 8.1 am getting used to it but I sure miss my old XP.

  19. (big sloppy wet kiss on your cheek) Thank you for posting this.

  20. Gak sabar nunggu tanggal mainnya :D

  21. i have windows 8.1 but my photos app doesn’t work as a live tile !!! i try
    everything !!!
    Any idea?

  22. welcome back start button! nice to meet you again

  23. I’m running Windows 8.1 and it’s fine, but it still benefits greatly from
    the startisback program in my opinion.

  24. go to desktop, right click on the taskbar, and click properties, and then
    go to navigation , you can see the options you want to .

  25. I dont know why but when I click and move mouse its not blue space that
    adds icons it’s transparent wtf any help?

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