Windows 8.1 Preview | Start Screen & PC Settings

Windows 8.1 Update: Windows 8.1 ISO downloads: ATTENTION!!!!!! If you…
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  1. Hi can you tell me how to activate it so that i can personalize

  2. i have problem with my windows 8.1 when i click the personalize it showing
    only the wallpapers and themes.,.,.,can you help me pls.,.,i cant changes
    my windows color

  3. Anyone who’s having trouble with “Change PC Settings” Follow my
    instructions and i gurantee you, it’ll resolve your problem..especially for
    those people who are using windows 8.1.
    Basically you are missing the tile for “pc settings”…. no worries.
    1)go to your startup menu and right click on any icon and it’;; take you to
    the file location.
    2)Keep this folder open and now press window+R and type in
    “%programdata%MicrosoftWindowsStart MenuPrograms” Without quotation
    3) keep these two folders open.
    4) Not go to the first folder where it lists all the shortcuts icons.
    5) Look for “PC SETTINGS” icon, it should be a blue icon.
    6) Copy that and past it on the other programs folder.
    7) Once that’s done open search bar and look for the same icon “PC
    8) Now right click on it and click on the “Pin to start”
    Thats all now go back to the main menu and check if it worked….and like
    my comment if i help you. :)

  4. yeah searched that one up mate and you have to pay for it, and to me that’s
    not worth it so I searched for alternatives and I found a pretty good app
    called Obly Tile which allows you to create metro app short cuts on both
    the desktop and taskbar.

  5. ModernMix if you read on it does have its own features that Obly Tile
    doesn’t like making the Windows Apps into a Windowed Mode instead of Full
    Screen. That’s why it costs money. 😀

  6. Yeah I read about that but that’s not what I was looking for I just wanted
    a short cut on the task bar so =)

  7. Try uninstalling the update via Programs and features; installed updates.
    Look for the update by number and uninstall it. Reboot, install the update
    again then see what happens. That is my only solution.

  8. great video you made : )

  9. Yes read what Microsoft says about that too…..

  10. MS again trolling their customers hard, lol. Even regular Joe-Schmo must be
    mad like hell now. Sincerely, which professional would use this clusterfuck
    for productive work? A 3 year old?

  11. You are right, there was a small bug in the Windows Store. I managed to fix
    it by attempting to refresh the Windows Installation, but that failed with
    a BSOD and who would have know that a blue screen would fix it. 😀

  12. couldent find the update number D: oh well i have to wait for the real
    release because this is a beta right?

  13. hey do you know how to fix this problem, When I change my lock screen It
    change to a different picture. Like for Example like I change my lock
    screen to a bmw car and when I click on window L it change to like an apple

  14. Yes if you seen my desktop, you can see that I’ve pinned them to the
    taskbar. This is using the program called ModernMix. You can only pin and
    app to the Taskbar though. NOT the Desktop.

  15. i downloaded iso and installed that way :) Looks good! But there is some
    bugs 😀

  16. Hi. When I navigate to PC Settings and click the next screen is blank. The
    various options are not displaying for my particular user account, yet they
    are for other user accounts. Please help.

  17. Hey Mate, do you know if there is some way to pin a modern app such as the
    “mail” on the desktop or task bar for easy access in windows 8.

  18. i need help i used the microsoft uprgade file and then it rebooted and all
    that but then when i did the update from the store it was download i
    canceled it because i need to shut down my computer because i needed to
    sleep the next day i cant find the update on the store nor can i use the
    update file

  19. If you have your lic product key, then you should beable to revert back.
    You do have the option to just update, so try that first. Otherwise if you
    plan on installing fresh the Windows 8.1, then I would suggest using a
    virtual Machine.

  20. FlippinWindows My windows 8 pro is original if I upgrade to 8.1 I lose my

  21. I gotta say, its a lot better than windows 8, which really sucked in my

  22. if i uprgrade nothing happens :S

  23. Microsoft has basically taken a mixture of internet shortcuts and Microsoft
    program shortcuts, stuck them in a tiled screen and presents it as the new
    Windows 8. It’s basically forcing you to use those internet pages and
    Microsoft software… No more free will, no more free market. Windows is
    only interested in selling Microsoft products and promoting Microsoft
    websites… This reflects really badly on Microsoft.

  24. LOL

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