Windows 8.1 Pro & Ent KMS Activation

Windows 8.1 Pro & Ent KMS Activation

This is the best and easyest activation method for windows 8.1 Enterprise & Professional x64 & x86 EnterpriseN & ProfessionalN x64 & x86 Don’t Try on Windows…

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  1. lame

  2. when I try this it says ‘Error: 0xC004E016 On a computer running Microsoft
    Windows non-core edition, run ‘slui.exe 0x2a 0xC004E016′ to display the
    error text’ what am I supposed to do now. Please help.

  3. previously it worked but after I reinstalled windows 8.1 pro it is showing
    this error cod3 : 0xC004074. NO KMS could be contacted. please help me

  4. Mine used to work but now it says no key management service could be
    contacted. Any updates on this ? 

  5. So easy…..if life were this way all the time! Your the man for this shit

  6. I have tried all server batch files and in all cases I get an error
    indicating that No Key Management Service could be contacted.

    Windows Script Host
    Activating Windows(R), Enterprise edition
    (81671aaf-79d1-4eb1-b004-8cbbe173afea) …

    Error: 0xC004F074 The Software Licensing Service reported that the computer
    could not be activated. No Key Management Service (KMS) could be contacted.
    Please see the Application Event Log for additional information.

  7. This is not work on my window 8.1 pro so what i do?

  8. Thanks! works like a charm


  10. worked perfectly, server 3 gave me an error but server 2 worked fine

  11. can i install the windows update without any problems ???

  12. are brilliant! Still works as of today.

  13. its work perfectly…thanx

  14. I think they made an update that is smart enough to block KMS activation.

  15. HajrullaH vlla me ndihmo se si muj me aktivizu Win 8.1 x64 bit

  16. It was perfct-thnx.. ^_^

  17. it really works

  18. it work perfectly thank you !!

  19. hajrulla t them flm vlla :) .. but its not working for me :/ i put the bat
    files on desktop and tried with all 3 servers (for Win pro) as admin, i
    press ok when windows pop up, but in the third table it says there’s an
    error. here’s where i got windows from

  20. I LOVE YOU! 😀
    it works :) awesome :D

  21. If you’re having trouble try this one!
    Links in paste: Fixed links.

  22. did everything as shown, not working pls hellllllppp

  23. Good 1 :) but can we install windows update after the activation ??

  24. Which downloaded file must put on desktop???

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