Windows 8.1 Pro. Still Buggy

This review started out well, then it just all went wrong. I tried to be as Optimistic as possible after all the Hate i got after doing My Review on the rele…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. no offense but that’s your problem windows Movie Maker… it’s terrible use
    a different one available for windows 

  2. When it gets changed with no benefits, that is the problem. Change with
    glitches is pretty bad. Why can’t they run their own software EVER – why
    does this happen every time? I’m Having all these isues and more. Can I
    petition my drive for a linux OS as well on this machine?? Is that insane?
    That is where I am up to.

  3. im having boot errors with it i had once time reinstall it and refresh it

  4. i think windows 8 is great if you have problems with skype go to google and
    download skype for desktop that will work also for sure 

  5. Hmm, enjoyed your video. Please make more video about Windows 8.1 because,
    I’m willing to buy new laptop. I need your help.

  6. im giong to say tat your wrong i have windows 8.1 and i have all desktop
    apps working grat

  7. Go To For Windows 8.1 Pro And Windows 8.1
    Enterprise For Free! No Survey Or Password!

  8. Thank you for good explanation of Windows 8.1, Like it! Especially, no
    music in the background! makes it enjoyable to hear all the contents

  9. I suspect we will see many versions .1 is just the start as there are so
    many glitches & vulnerabilities its going to take many versions to iron
    out the hiccups

  10. Start back makes windows 8.1 almost tolerable.

  11. Great honest review and anytime you have to utilize another operating
    system to get your work done that its in a nutshell.

  12. I don’t believe so. i wish it could be used like that. because a clean
    install would be better.

  13. Who gave you hate for it? Sounds like a bunch of Windows drones defending
    what was a faulty product. I don’t like the direction Microsoft has been
    going with the whole Win8 platform – 8.1 still hasn’t fixed a majority of
    the issues I have with system, but you were very fair with this – much more
    than I ever would.

  14. Because Microsoft can’t build a good system. Windows 8.1 looks nice. but
    once you really get into it you discover things that just don’t work the
    way they are suppose to. I suddenly have a few modern UI apps that wont
    refresh. i get a new News article on the live tile. But i open the app and
    its the same page that’s been there for 3 days. i have to reinstall the app
    to get it to change. i had to build a driver to get Skype to work. i still
    cant get windows movie maker to work without a crash.

  15. Nice vid man, haven’t updated yet to 8.1, 8 is working so good and those
    changes are cool but nothing spectacular for me to jump straight to it. Too
    bad you had issues, might be video card thingy, maybe i missed that in this
    vid but did those opengl issues and movie maker problems happened in 8 too
    ? Maybe it was the upgrade, try clean install and see what happens.

  16. TRY this( Britec09 Integrate Updates Into a Windows 7 or 8 Install )

  17. Well, i have windows 8.1 but it doesn’t have any problems. All apps are
    refreshing every day, all apps work perfectly and i don’t have any
    problems. 😛

  18. Great work man! Running a clean install of 8.1 myself so I’m not
    experiencing any issues but I still appreciate you taking the time to
    explain all the bugs that happen when upgrading from an older release.
    Other than that, any idea if you’ll be doing a 13.10 review? Cheers.

  19. Nice job man THANK YOU

  20. Why still buggy?? Ive your Windows 8.1 runs good?

  21. thnks very much mat and thegismost ….. its wrking at this moment ..
    hopefully all will go well … am wondering if its gonna restore to the
    exact same partition or if i will hav an option .. ill chek the videos
    again :)

  22. Hi Matt, sorry you’ve had a load of grief with the 8.1 update. Win 8.1 must
    be really bad for you coz I see you’re using Ubuntu, he he, thought you
    might have gone back to Manjaro. I’ve been using Win 8 since January, but
    only in desktop mode, can’t be doing with any of that Modern UI/full screen
    apps etc. Uninstalled all the ‘live’ tiles and I use ‘StartIsBack+’ so my
    laptop is like using Win 7. Update from Win 8 to 8.1 went OK for me. But
    still duel booting and trying to use Manjaro more.

  23. well the issues are like having two of the same exact cars next to each
    other. they could have known issues, but one may get the problem while the
    other one is completely fine. for W8 and 8.1, it’s all in the program and
    computer and blah blah blah lol

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