Windows 8.1 RAM-Patch (Automated Batch file)

How to patch Windows 8.1 32-bit so it can use more than 3.5 GB of RAM. Download PatchPAE2 for Windows 8.1 32-bit ▻ or…

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  1. +maxime dawance Just start your previous windows and remove the boot menu
    entry of the patched Windows using MSCONFIG, here is a video: How to
    Do/Undo the 32bit RamPatch on Windows7 The patch modifies a single file
    only, so your personal stuff theoretically should remain intact.

  2. This patch need update, it doesnt work with latest nvidia driver, you get
    only boot loop or bsod.

  3. to “tdnewmas” (can’t reply to your comment)
    make sure you copy the patchpae2 folder to drive C and start the .bat file
    from there

  4. Do it works with dual boot Win 7/Win 8?

  5. would my files and stuff go over to the patched one?

  6. Hello! I have a toshiba c855-2l8 came freedos and on which I installed
    Windows 8.1 ram but my memory is that 6gyga 2.65 8.1 used with the win,
    which prompted me to make the patchPAE2 the result satisfied me . But by
    updating drivers pc launched a reboot that ends with a :( blue screen where
    it says windows encountered problems and restart it for errors. After
    another reboot if I selected windows 8.1 pc switches on but without the
    patch and I think it is the latter that is causing the problem but I need
    him to do that so the ram please? ?? THANKS again for video

  7. I have windows 8.1 pro. Works this patch , for windows 8.1 pro , please ,
    tell me! 

  8. Why Is it taking a very long time to boot up. Which should be way faster

  9. DON’T USE THIS!! THIS IS A VIRUS. This little fucker have linked a virus to
    crash your PC and force you to reprogram your windows

  10. oh hi there i just did what you said and my computer just flipped out. need
    to do a clean install now sayonara all file`s.

  11. My computer still says:
    Installed Memory (RAM): 8.00 GB (2.47 usable)
    Any ideas what I did wrong? I have Windows 8.1 Pro if that helps any. 

  12. hey dude since i did this the patched windows can’t run and showing me
    error repair system …. and when i run with original w8 start with no
    problem :3

  13. Dont install this!

  14. Thanks furulevi.. it’s work for me :)

  15. Microsoft have changed their code, this causes a bootloop a bootloop a
    bootloop a bootloop….

  16. Is this Virus @@

  17. i see only black screen

  18. Some antivirus programs, although they are temporarily disabled, still
    won’t allow certain system, file, ram…etc. modifications. In this case
    you should uninstall the antivirus ant after patching reinstall the
    antivirus program again.

  19. Some antivirus programs can disable antivirus protection for a few minutes
    or till a system restart. Usually from the antivirus program’s system tray
    icon, lower right corner, near the clock. While the antivirus software is
    disabled, the program will not interfere with the patch operation. If the
    antivirus is enabled and functional, than it might block the file patching
    operation, and thus your Windows will not be able to use all the installed

  20. Does this work with windows 8.1

  21. whether working with windows 8 pro

  22. Temporarily disable or uninstall antivirus before patching!

  23. can i remove original windows 8.1 entry form boot by easy bcd ? it is safe

  24. where link for patch2?

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