Windows 8.1 Review – Is It Any Good?

The free update to the Windows 8 OS is now out, but is it any good, and should you be getting it? The Windows 8.1 update is freely available to download from…

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  1. How many inches is your monitor? 

  2. did it improve the games at all?

  3. maybe i am just stuck in my ways but i think i will stay with windows 7 for
    now. ty 

  4. when you install software, it also installs the Read Me doc as an app in
    the all app section, is it safe the right click it and delete it from file
    location???? anyone please?

  5. Windows 8 (and 8.1 incidentally) is for tablets/phones. Microsoft, you made
    the wrong OS for PC’s!

    I’m not updating my Windows (I have 7) until I see drastic improvements,
    such as, I don’t know, an OS for COMPUTERS.

  6. I have win 8.1 OEM, can I transfer it to a new mobo? 

  7. IMHO, Microsoft did everything right with Windows 7 and I cannot understand
    the reason for this drastic change. With 8.1, I was expecting a more
    traditional Start button because I usually have a very clean desktop and
    all my shortcuts are present in the start menu, but Microsoft has left me
    completely disappointed.

  8. Maybe he is really Batman and he is hiding in plain sight :) 

  9. holy windows 8.1 batman,,,,,nice and very helpful video man,,cheers.

  10. if i install 8.1 will it delete or mess with any of my files?

  11. So when were Programs renamed to App’s? 

  12. Typing to search for a word document or a new word document is something
    that was done 34 yrs ago when DOS was around. That’s why we have icons on
    the desktop ! Yet they turn around and give back a watered down version of
    the start button ? Might as well not let M$ piss you off & download a 3rd
    party replacement.
    Your definitely right about the performance of IE11 as it leverages more
    the capability of the GPU leaving Chrome & Firefox in the stone age !

  13. i have a problam guyz….
    can any 1 help me….i updated windows 8.1 single langugage on windows 8
    store..and after updating windows 8.1…i had a face a big problem…i
    can’t refresh or restoe my computer…plz guyz help me out of this…..!!!!

  14. I just got 8.1 Pro for my new HTPC build…BTW NICE monitor…

  15. window 8.1 good for gaming?

  16. program start8 puts start menu to look like normal 

  17. Should I upgrade to windows 8.1 talking about games?

  18. windows 8.1 – it’s slightly less terrible

  19. win8 is a joke, has Microsoft gone soft in the head with win 8! time to
    switch to apple mac!

  20. i love my windows 8.1 

  21. I have windows 8 but can’t update to 8.1… compare exchane128 Problems


  23. I decided to go ahead and do the update. Nothing has changed. Everything,
    including issues was having has not changed one bit. The windows button is
    there now, but I actually don’t miss it. I say don’t bother doing the

  24. This guy wants to have sex with batman

  25. its the same for win 7

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