Windows 8.1 | Run Windows Experience Index Score feature

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  1. One of my latest videos to show all you guys how to run the feature for WEI
    to see how it performs.

  2. Thnx!
    Proccesor: 7,4
    Gaming Graphics:5,3
    Primary Hard Disk:5.9

  3. @ Husky BLITZ Kinda been busy with other stuff.

  4. For those that wanna see the Index scores for how fast their computer is in
    performance specs, Then this is the video the video on how to do that for
    Windows 8.1.

  5. my score < Processor 8.2 Ram 8.2 graphics 8.3 gaming graphics 8.3 Hard Disk 5.9

  6. my score< processor: 6.7 memory: 5.9 graphics: 4.4 Gaming graphics: 6.0 primary hard disk: 5.9

  7. Great Channel!

  8. nice link wot seems to like it

  9. thxxxxxx !!!!!!!!! respect!

  10. Subed! Ty :)

  11. Thank you! Subed!

  12. why havent you upload in over a 2 months

  13. thanks :)

  14. ChrisPC Win Experience Index – WEI Scores

    Component Subscore
    Processor 7.6
    Memory (RAM) 7.6
    Graphics 8.3
    Gaming graphics 8.3
    Primary hard disk 8.1
    Base score 7.6

  15. +I have a long user name on youtube that is 100% pointless because i dont
    want to use my full name Firefox FTW!

  16. Happy holidays buddy

  17. Hello Sir .
    I looked allot for a video showing how to reduce a size of a file using
    Winrar , but i didn’t find any thing that really works ..
    Could you Please make a video about it …
    Thanks allot ..


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