Windows 8.1 Simple Indexing Tip

This is just a simple tip for the heck of it :-)

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  1. I have Win 8 on my gf computer. neither of us will use it. I still havent
    figured out where Windows Explorer is yet. I build my own computers and
    have been on the net since the late 90’s.
    I didnt build the GF’s computer obviously, or it wouldnt be windows 8 :)

  2. Great tip, useful for searching many internal drives. Not a problem for mac
    users though, they only have one internal drive unless you pay literally
    $3500 for a mac pro

  3. start 8 is just awful, startisback is the best windows 8 start replacement.
    No argument about it.

  4. haha

  5. How did u get the start button open like win 7 ?

  6. This comment made my day. Don’t we all wish we could afford a Mac. I dual
    boot: Windows for browsing and Linux for coding.

  7. star dock . com / products / start8 / (u even get the original win7 menu
    with this, not just a link to MetroUI)

  8. Linux is free

  9. I got the Stardock Windows 8 start menu it was 5 bucks

  10. Why so many thumbs down? I can’t afford a Mac, come on.

  11. win upgrade to 8.1 😀

  12. Linux is great but I just prefer windows, dont hate!

  13. that app looks nice also

  14. Im not made of money bro~

  15. But its not mac

  16. I also use window 7 at the moment. But it’s a pain in the ass to install
    everything again if you switch to 8.1

  17. YEa man win 8.1 is not too bad

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