Windows 8.1 Theme | Steam Vs. Windows 8

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  1. Where I put ”Steam Icons”? :D

  2. I would really love to watch your videos but I don’t have Windows 8.1 as
    yet and I don’t wanna install as yet

  3. can you make a video on third party icon installers 

  4. Just a question, to download any of the themes u feature on your channel do
    u need anything special on your computer

  5. Great theme and video, have been watching this channel for a while. I loved
    the sleek rebrand, but I think you should fade out the huge subscribe
    button and make it translucent and only turn opaque at the start and end of
    the video. It often annoys me when it blocks the taskbar or any other
    window elements. Also, any idea how to create your own/edit existing themes
    to your own liking? Thanks and keep up the good work!

  6. The best theme

  7. is this safe to install? is it risky?

  8. How did you get that Windows 7-like start button? And how did you manage to
    change the logo of the Windows 8 button? (When you clicked on it)

  9. I have a question within linking with my experience with installing a
    pacther theme in windows. Here it is :
    1. Is it affected with another program like office, because I have ever had
    a bad experience with it… My word office is coming black sync with the
    theme, so working will be a hard work
    2. Is it affected with performance of the windows. Because I will chose
    good performance than a beatifull look.
    3. Is the animation of closing apps and other thing is because of the theme
    or you create it ? if you create it, how do you create it ?

    It is awesome work dude… warm hello from Indonesia :D

  10. Get your game on in Steam and also get the look for Windows 8.1

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