Windows 8.1: Time To Upgrade?

Download the Windows 8.1 Preview: After nearly a year of dealing with Windows 8 Microsoft is al…
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  1. can you play old games on windows 8.1

  2. For Desktop PC I would suggest NOT updating to 8.1. You will most likely
    have to reinstall a lot of your drivers and if you are running any older
    parts you’ll most likely find that they are not supported. A lot of
    tweaking needs to be done, such as changing compatibility on some of your
    drivers (To windows 7 mode) and a lot of PC’s will encounter Wifi/LAN
    driver issues.

  3. i have reset my windows 8.1 . and now it is windows 8 :( . can’t update to
    windowa 8.1 back.. help meeeeeeee plzzzzzz :( what should i do ?

  4. im building a new computer, wanted to know if 8.1 would be better than
    windows 7 home premium cause i heard that in January of next year there
    discontinuing main stream support for windows 7

  5. Whats better for gaming? 8 or 8.1?

  6. I upgraded from windows 8 to 8.1 and a like the new things. its much
    better. (boot to desktop;…) the only disadvantage is that it needs much
    longer to boot (not as long as win 7). i don’t know why but on my pc it is
    like that.

  7. Can you toggle the screen with squares and stay with desktop?

  8. Windows Xp FTW

  9. upgraded from 7

  10. I can’t install windows 8.1. Last time I tried I had to restore my laptop
    because when I installed it took my PC back to windows 8 but some of my
    apps and programs would not work. This is also the exact same thing that
    happened when I tried to install windows 8.1 to my desktop

  11. I upgrade from 7 to 8.1 and I can assure anyone who is a desktop user that
    it is a waste of money. Looks more like a service pack then a new windows
    apart from the new ui which you never really use

  12. Win8.1 upgrade: Format, install Ubuntu and be happy!

  13. good thing is win7 users can get win8

  14. Can I Please Know what screen recorder you used and Also the software you
    used for editing? I really need to know!!

  15. I would get Windows 8, but Windows 7 (at least for me) is really shitty at
    backing up files.

  16. Is it actualy worth upgrading form 7 to 8.1? because I can have it done for
    free but I dont know wether I want to or not as I heard windows 8 wasnt all
    that good.

  17. when you install software, it also installs the Read Me doc as an app in
    the all app section, is it safe the right click it and delete it from file
    location???? anyone please?

  18. I used to have 8 Pro and I upgraded to 8.1 Enterprise..I HATE IT!!!

  19. The system you used for this is close to identical to my gaming PC.
    i5-4670k and 8GB RAM

  20. I mean refreshed it

  21. I have windows 8 but can’t update to Win.8.1 compare exchange128 problem.
    back to wins 7.. I guess

  22. for you ppl that wont start just install iobit’s start menu 8

  23. I want to try the update, but I’m just not sure. Many people complain
    already that IE 11 which comes with the update is not working well with
    some sites. I personally enjoy watching movies on and would
    be lost without it lol. Some report that 8.1 is actually slower than 8,
    while others report it to be much faster. I was an avid XP fan until
    getting an all in one as a gift which came with 8, after getting used to
    the changes, I actually found that I liked 8 more than XP or 7. Still, it
    has me wondering if it will be better or not. 

  24. I upgraded and now I cant find/open any of my programs like iTunes someone
    please help!

  25. you can with 3

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