Windows 8.1 update 1 my thoughts & more

Windows 8.1 update 1 my thoughts & more

In this short video I talk about the newest windows phone 8.1 update and why I think this could now be my daily OS. Let me know what you think about the new …
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  1. I have a 1520 and I love it. Best phone I have had in a long time. Nokia q
    quality is next to none. The new update makes the phone ag great
    experience. I’m slowly getting people to convert one at a time. Everyone is
    always impressed with how easy the Os is to use, let alone just how
    beautiful the phone are. I think our society as a whole doesn’t even
    realize that there is something else besides iPhone or Android.

  2. I switched to a Nokia 1520 from a Galaxy Note 2 after watching your review
    of it.

  3. Microsoft should do a line similar to nexus. Low end lumias aren’t bad. The
    512mb of ram does limit you for sure

  4. STILL NO UPDATE FOR MY LUMIA 1020 THREE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF

  5. Also another thing is i have verizon and I don’t know if i should wait for
    the moto s to come out or wait for a sic specd out windows phone because i
    would love to take a lot of pics and videos with a 20 mp camera and i love
    the build quality of windows and also the software with the live tiles. But
    what about the front facing camera? 

  6. Hey tk I currently use the Nokia 1520 and I honestly have to say this is
    the best phone I have ever had the pleasure of owning. I don’t need a whole
    bunch of apps on my device to define my phone. 

  7. I would change to windows phone . I like windows 8 on my computer (ik alot
    of people hate it ) but they are very compelling . My only issue is that my
    friend broke his 510’s power button and nokia’s support was really awful
    and told him to reset his phone (which he couldn’t ) and gave him trouble
    with the warranty when he had the phone for 3 months 

  8. I like windows phone 8.1 beautiful UI, fast and reliable but it needs more
    features like split screen multitasking like on windows 8.1 RT,system file
    manager and more geeky stuff like root or jailbreak.It’s very restricted
    and can’t change any thing or download any apps out form the app store, I
    wouldn’t choose this OS now maybe in the future but I still prefer iOS and

  9. Everything I have is through Google services (Music, calendar, photos,
    contacts). Does windows phone have these sync features to Google? And are
    they automatic like with android? (Meaning I take a photo and it uploads
    without opening an app or adding a song to my playlist and it auto
    downloads to my phone)

  10. There is a way for you to upload your youtube videos by using Nokia
    Uploader or youtube uploader app in the windows store. Everyone has their
    pros and cons on windows phone.

  11. +TK TECH NEWS I really like the OS. The only negative’s I have are the
    lack of Cisco Jabber, Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client, and some Google native
    apps that are missing. If it gets Cisco AnyConnect VPN and Jabber, this
    would be perfect.

  12. With 8.1 I would definitely consider a windows phone

  13. I currently own an old nokia lumia 900 and it isn’t a good phone. I have
    experience with windows phone and may or may not consider it. It would be
    really nice though if the phones can get flag ship specifications. Then
    maybe I would consider it

  14. You know I have been thinking about switching to windows for some time now
    since windows 8.1 was announced and the lumia icon had some good reports
    and I have verizon. But my biggest concern is me missing my favorite apps
    android already has or missing features. But like u said windows 8.1 fixed
    most of these features! But how are the 3rd party apps like snapchat or
    instagram like I also use a lot of Facebook Google plus and flip board,
    vine and oovoo can u tell me how it is on windows.

  15. If T-Mobile had larger screen Windows phones I definitely would consider it

  16. I’ve considered moving to Windows phone mobile, but only if it will do what
    android has been doing for me. 

  17. +TK TECH NEWS what tool where u talking about for “uploading videos to
    YouTube from mobile” ? Thanks :)

  18. I loved 1520 at first but because of price I didn’t get it. 

  19. Windows 8.1 is a sexy OS, i like the transparency tiles are really cool. I
    own a Nokia 930 and its a stand out phone, friends are all wanting to look
    at it, and i’ve had no bad comments, but has it come to late for Microsoft,
    i hope not.

  20. What do you use to record all your videos with 

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