Windows 8.1 Update 1 Review Tricks – Power Options Tutorial: 3 Ways to Shut Down Windows 8.1

In this video see Windows 8.1 Power Off options. A beginners video guide to Windows 8.1 Power Button. See 3 ways to shut your computer down. Sleep, Shut Down…

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  1. I have some trouble with my, it suddenly stop working. all it say when i
    click it “There are currently no power option available” any idea what

  2. Helpful indeed!

  3. i can’t belive you forgot the most simpliest way to turn off a computer…
    update this video, and add: click on desktop screen, press alt+f4 (this
    will open the shutdown menu) and then you can press enter to shutdown the
    computer or you can choose between 5 options (Restart, Shut down, Sleep,
    Sign Out, Change user)

  4. i have windows 8.1 but i do not have the power button on the top of the
    start screen. Any idea how to get it back? 

  5. Nick, you’re a live saver mate. I’ve stumbled upon your video as I
    searched for a program to transfer my files from an Iphone into a windows
    I’ve watched your video and followed your instructions, you’ll be glad to
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  6. So windows 8.1 is just like windows 8 but with some useful features. is it
    worth updating any faster?

  7. You can use CTRL + F4 to do all that

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