Windows 8.1 Update 1: Taskbar on the Bottom Goes Out of Control

The video contains important graphic annotations. These should be turned on in default. In other case, turn them on manually please. Recent update brings aut…
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  1. dude if u dont have fix it yet comment me and i will help u i know how to
    fix it :)

  2. There’s no position to place the task bar now where it doesn’t get in the
    way of something else when you use Metro. I’ve already disabled the setting
    called “Show Store apps in the task bar” to avoid it showing over Metro in
    my PC.
    Microsoft needs to chose 01 app switcher bar and stick with it. The task
    bar and the “Modern” app switcher from the top left must merge to become
    one somehow ASAP.

  3. Maybe I haven’t had enough time to look through all the settings, but I
    can’t find an option to disable the taskbar from displaying on top of the
    modern UI?! I don’t mind that they’re trying to appeal to people that
    struggle to adapt to windows 8, but to suddenly decide that I will be
    better off booting to the desktop by default (thankfully I can change that)
    and forcing the taskbar on me. I now understand how people that don’t like
    the start screen feel, the only difference now is that I can’t disable the
    taskbar, whereas they can disable the start screen! /rant

  4. Windows 8 Episoda 3: Betatest pokračuje.

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