Windows 8.1 Update: Your taskbar, anywhere

Whether you’re on the desktop, Start screen or any app, the taskbar will be there for you. Learn the new Windows 8.1 taskbar features!
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  1. The Windows 8.1 Downgrade!

  2. The only thing I hate about windows, any way to disable it?

  3. a 10 year old mac is better than windows s***t!

  4. How can I do this, using my finger?

  5. The Windows 8.1 is great!!!

  6. your software sucks I’ve been using windows 8 and 8.1 they both are big
    glops of poop!

  7. This is amazing! First to comment! yeah!

  8. A great addition to Windows 8.1!

  9. Very handy feature! Getting closer and closer to making the OS that’s fit
    for ALL form-factors of a PC.

    Now just bring back the Start Menu for those using mouse/keyboard, bring
    back the advanced GUIs from Windows Se7en (e.g. the one for managing
    networks) and bring back the “option” to use Aero. Then you have an even
    more versatile masterpiece.

  10. Nice video! :) 

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