Windows 8.1 USB keyboard/mouse not working. Solved.

How to get USB keyboard and mouse working again after upgrade to Windows 8.1.
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  1. too bad you cant access the bios on macbook. epic fail microsoft

  2. For people like me who cant use keyboard at all, PRESS AND HOLD THE POWER
    BUTTON. When pc shuts off, unplug it. Plug it back in quickly and hold the
    delete key on ur keyboard it should enter bios

  3. Could someone please help me how do I get into that menu please tell me

  4. Someone help plz, my pc doesnt have ps2 to plug in alt keyboard or mouse,
    keyboard isnt detected to even go into bios mode, i have acer aspire x with
    windows 8.1 plz help, its a nice pc i dont want to have to trash it

  5. There is only legacy usb support
    Legacy usb3.0 support and ehci hand-off in my advanced settings.


  7. This worked great, thanks alot!

  8. I have a new mouse, now i tried alot but I have a similar problem and im
    reeaaly frustrated for i tried alot. So when i connect the mouse sometimes
    it shows usb device not recognized, sometimes it works for a few minutes
    then it does some really random things like automatic clicking rightbutton
    and scrollbutton and then it disconnects and shows usb device not
    recognized. I tried updating, deleting driver, went into device managment
    and deleted it from there, which was recommended by windows (not sure why i
    should do that, (the mouse and software are new, so it will be the same
    next time i connect it -.- )) I also tried a bunch of different stuff, It
    stays the same. Please help ? 

  9. how about it says, “Your USB Port Not Wake State bla…bla…bla…”
    something like that and I think there’s something wrong with my Instant On
    also. Please help me. I really need a help immediately

  10. omg!
    I’m so happy now
    U r my hero

  11. I don’t have USB configuration help!!

  12. Dude thank you so much !!! I love you !!

  13. I don’t have USB configuration and all that like yours. No xHCI mode or

  14. Your a Good Cunt

  15. Windows 8.1 are just CRAP Useless Shit

  16. Fuck that shit too long

  17. what about error code 10

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  19. Thanks for the video, I’m not running on an asus mb and my mb had legacy
    usb settings “enabled” so I disabled then reenabled. After saving the bios
    settings it seems to have fixed it.

    Wouldn’t have thought to look in bios without ur help.
    Would love to know what causes it though as I’ve been using windows 8.1 on
    my machine since it came out. 

  20. How to do it on an hp?

  21. In my advance settings there is nothing 

  22. How do you do it on a dell

  23. Thanks man I have literally looked for the past 3 hours for this!

  24. I did everything but my keyboard and mouse doesn’t work. please help

  25. oh i wish i saw this video earlier

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