Windows 8.1 vs Windows 8 vs Windows 7 [Benchmarks] [4K]

All tests were ran 3 times and the best one was chosen. Each OS had all the latest updates and AMD Catalyst 13.8 Beta drivers installed. I could not measure …
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  1. Windows 7 is the best I made a mistake of buying windows 8

  2. windows 7 the king!

  3. I allways new windows 7 was the best.
    you can just feel it wile playing games and just loading programs

  4. I have downloaded windows 8.1 and my Catalyst Control Centre will not open an error message appears saying ‘calalyst control centre cannot be started. there are currently no settings that can be configured using catalyst control center. And when I go to my device manager and go to my graphics card which is named AMD Radeon Hybrid (blocked) and click properties it says this “This device is not working properly because Windows cannot load the drivers required for this device. (Code 31.

  5. Windows 8.1 benchmarked is a preview, not a final version

  6. wtf’s the point of 8.5tb? porn? do yo usell porn?

  7. Guys… NOTE that drivers are in beta and arent as polished for W8.1. W8.1 will surely be fater than W7. Hell W8.1 isn’t out yet and RTM isn’t actually RTM it’s more like rushed BETA. RTM will be when they release it on release date. They said themselves that. Not even app developers got their hands on RTM because of this. Wait a few months than do a benchmark and i can bet money W8.1 will come out as the winner.

  8. Windows 8.1 comes out to be the best so far in my experience.

  9. Vale callampa tu video culiao

  10. Those specs are almost identical to mine,but I have 8.5TB of HDD storage (Seagate),no ssd & a 650psu (FX-8120–>OC @ 3.8 stable). Very descent midrange though.

  11. how did my laptop get a better score in pcmark7 lol

  12. For the Battlefield 4 beta I am seeing a 30% increase in performance.

  13. I can’t speak for regular windows 8, but going from windows 7 to windows 8.1 there is a MARKED increase in performance. I went from 5-10 fps in windows to 45+ in windows 8.1. Its just cause the beta is 4 months old E3 build and the game is HIGHLY optimized for Windows 8. It takes some processes off the CPU and puts them on the GPU in windows 8.1 compared to 7.

    I just hope its optimized for release on 7 cause I am dual booting 8.1 and 7 is still my favorite OS.

  14. Pirate it like everyone else.

  15. and any diffrent ?i have w8 pro but is w8.1 better ? and more boost?

  16. Yeah, I am installing Windows 8.1 now to see if it actually improves my performance in Battlefield 4 vs Windows 7. Everybody seems to say its a windows 7 problem, but the beta is like a 4 month old build, but really should it kill performance that much to run my quad core to the ground? My CPU is at 100% usage in the beta, whilst my GPU is fine. I guess I will know within the hour. Wish me luck!

  17. Yes final is RTM version 9600

  18. @Petar Staynov you are idiot the drivers not optimized yet for win8.1 and ur pc specs is shit !!!! low end cpu and low end gpu fuck ur self

  19. not a big gaming difference as games aren’t optimized for the full functionality of windows 8, however most new games coming out recommend windows 8 now so i guess there will be a difference but not a big one (directx 11.1 and WDDM 1.2 are just 2 new features of windows 8)

  20. will it be a big gaming difference in gaming if i have window 8 from window 7 ULTIMATE
    p.s ultimate is fucking expensive

  21. Well, from what I see, Win 7 and Win 8 are almost the same in FPS, Win 8.1 is very low… Win 8 boost faster than Win 7 BUT Win 8 has lots of bugs, so I stay with 7 until I see some mayor improvements on the 8.1….

  22. … just on intel cpu’s…

  23. you cannot compare with win8.1 yet, because it still not the final version

  24. win 8 the best

  25. Why win8 winner hehe

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