Windows 8.1Theme | Apple iOS 8 Skinpack

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  1. ATTENTION EVERYONE!!!!! Do not be like +JokubioX LT and disregard any other
    advice I give you. Reason why you have things happen wrong like what happen
    to him is because of not watching the whole video or watching previous
    videos on my channel in recent times that help videos like these. I prepare
    myself before hand to prevent you all from having such mistakes, but it is
    up to you to be Subscribed to get all the underlying news relating to my
    videos since I do make them relevant to each other.

    Again, If you install a Skinpack, be sure to follow this video first: New
    Updated UXTheme Patcher 11 with Aero Glass Option

    Also be sure to read what I write in the video’s “About Tab”

  2. I heard they were making a version like this where you don’t have to change
    system files

  3. How to get that cover flow the one in the video at 2.56 m not getting such
    cover flow

  4. Now when i turn on my pc . Black screen . I hate you !

  5. wait no restart?

  6. Virus

  7. The new iOS 8 Theme is available for Windows 8.1 Transform your look for
    Windows 8.1 now.

  8. how do i download it?

  9. I got the black screen.. Please help me to get rid of it! please.

  10. how to call the program that records what you do with the compiuter, you
    do the video?

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