Windows 8 & 8.1 – Audio Driver Fix ★☆★

A quick and easy way to fix the audio problem in Windows 8 Sound driver at: Just go to support and click drivers, enter your OS inf…
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  1. For Me Every Like Inbetween Every 10-25 Seconds This Glitchy Thing Will
    Happen With My Audio On Anything But Its Hard To Describe… Its Like It
    Freezes Then Continues? PLEASE HELP!

  2. my problem is no bass config on win 8.1, my headset sounds so damn crap,
    any ideas please how to add bass?

  3. Well dude i got no sound at my windows 8 i see volume going up and down but
    i cant hear a thing…

  4. is this is also for youtube?

  5. 1. Find out what sound driver you are running.
    2. Find the driver on the internet and download it.
    3. Begin the install and restart the pc etc.
    4. Continue installation after reboot.

    Check The sound device playback options also. (right click sound symbol on
    taskbar and click playback devices…)

  6. suck get real please!!!!

  7. my sound is distorted and sounds like shit. how do i fix this?

  8. thx man!!

  9. audio driver fix??????i cant f00king hear you

  10. thanks man

  11. Download link for the files?

  12. ohhhh man! it nice to hear my pc sound again!!!! Tnx a lot!!!!!I’m from
    Brasil sorry about my english!

  13. @evildarkforce Link has been added to the Description tab

  14. Great Video!

  15. what audio device should i download

  16. @deveshagrawal93

  17. i have an C-Media sound card and i have original drivers for windows 7
    …will the drivers work on windows 8 when i follow the steps ??

  18. @dahirya90 i am having the same problem with distorted output, its really
    bad my computer sounds like a transformer i have an asus republic of gamers
    crosshair formula iv mobo and i cant figure out why it wont work properly

  19. There has been always text (Hard Sub) in this video that explains what to

  20. Check if your speaker set has a virtual surround button, something like
    matrix sound in my case, enabe/disable, perform speaker test in Sound menu,
    if that does not work, remove Realtek audio HD drivers, restart your system
    and test again. You dont need realtek drivers to have sound on your system,
    but i think the problem is that you have virtual surround enabled on your
    speaker set disabling this wil give you the front speaker sound.

  21. same here he should put subtitles

  22. I realize it’s just about the Audio default problem, thanks :)

  23. grazie

  24. dat page is open but de download drivers is nt opening my frnd……

  25. The only thing that worked for me was to do a full install from a DVD. Now,
    everything works fine.

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