Windows 8 guide: Set up a Home Group

Read more: If you have several computers with Windows on your home network, Home Groups make it easy to share files b…
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  1. i have a icon of homegrup on my desktop how do I ger rid of it

  2. Mine cant be detected on others!

  3. Same Problem

  4. how do you not become part of one? I guess my neighbors put me in one? what the fuck do I do? I don’t want to share my shit with them can they just go on my computer whenever they want? this sucks.

  5. Hi, in our office we have 3 computers: A, B, C. The computer B has a HP Deskjet 9800 installed, the computer C has a Laserjet M1132 MFP installed, and the computer A has no printers installed. The problem is that each computer does not “indentify” the other one; so computer A cannot use any printer / computer B cannot use Laserjet M1132 / computer C cannot use HP Deskjet 9800…We are completelly lost!

  6. i dislike this because you are weak

  7. My laptop doesn’t detects my homegroup, any ideas??

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