Windows 8 not detected dvd-cd drive

Windows 8 not detected dvd-cd drive

How to fix your dvd/cd drive, after install Windows 8 or 8.1 and then is not detected or the dvd/cd drive disappear from my computer. Here the Link: w
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  1. Hi, guy
    I chose METHOD 4: Zip file, then Download Registry Script to Fix CD/DVD
    Drive Missing in Windows. If you don’t want to modify Registry yourself,
    this is a easy way to fix it.

  2. You guy very welcome, I been try to fix my dvd drive for week, that why I
    come across this site.

  3. Make sure after install the Fix CD/DVD. Please Restart the Computer!

  4. So all I need to do is what you just did ? Is that it ? WTF did you just do
    ? Windows, in it`s wisdom, has removed the ability to play DVD`s. And you
    have to be a fucking PC Engineer to understand how to be able to get your
    DVD Drive back. What will Microsoft come up with next ? Remove the ability
    to use a PC without knowing how to solve decomposition of the quadratic
    formula ?
    It is all becoming counter intuitive. 

  5. Sounds like a mentally challenged person made this.

  6. A warning for anyone uppgraded to 8.1 from 8, you might get rollback to
    windows 8… atleast i did so for me it took a couple of hours to first
    roll it back, then install a whole bunch of uppdates to be able to finaly
    reinstall 8.1

  7. It worked with direct registry changes in Method 2 by adding Controller0 !
    Thank you very much

  8. Thank you very much .. my problem has been fixed yay !
    btw.. the music is really loud I barely hear your voice :o

  9. Thank You! it’s work, my cd/dvd Drive is back in action. A+

  10. Thank you very much bro. worked for me :) (y)

  11. Good job worked well :)

  12. Here is a easy solution. I just did it. Insert Windows 8 CD. Go to reset
    windows to a earlier version. For exaple 2-3 weeks earlier before the
    DVD-CD problem. You wont lose any files or programs. Only those you
    installed the last 2-3 weeks. And IT WORKS!! For me this was the only way
    to fix this problem. 

  13. Is this for an external cd drive

  14. Thank you! It’s work! :)

  15. i did all the things but the DVD drive icon doesnt appear :(

  16. try this when i get home

  17. Thanks for the Vid, i have been tearing my hair out over this for the last
    hour never used a dvd or cd in pc since putting 8 on, which i did via USB
    anyway so never noticed in a year lol 

  18. didnt work for me :(

  19. This doesn’t work

  20. other solutions which worked for me:

  21. Worked very well, thanks very much.

  22. Nice now my CD drive won’t open after I did this

  23. thank you so much.. you saved my computer. i have tried everything else but
    this is the only option that worked. thanks again!

  24. you r the best man i love u !!!!!!

  25. Thankyou vry much

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