WINDOWS 8: Quick Shutdown from the Start Menu!

WINDOWS 8: Quick Shutdown from the Start Menu!

This tutorial will show you how to create a Quick Shutdown Tile on the Start Menu. This will allow you to quickly shutdown your PC without going to the charm…
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  1. no offence, which accent your english has?.. sounds intersting :)

  2. you have to do this on window 8.1 afetr the latest update (aprill 2014).it
    has ready made search and shutdownloa button at the rint upper cornor.

  3. it is excellent

  4. Thank you! Very helpful and clear instructions

  5. Another great tip Thank you. Yes the right hand corner has the same thing,
    however you cannot have enough shutdown buttons. The shortcuts on the
    desktop are very useful as a quick kill option. Well Done!

  6. thanks bro….

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