Windows 8 – Touch Screen for Beginners [Tutorial]

This video tutorial shows those new to Windows 8 the basics needed to get around the new Windows 8 user interface using the touch interface. The Windows “Sta…
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  1. I appreciate the tutorial but not even the best teacher can make this
    program worth having.

  2. Is he touching the screen or using the mouse pad?

  3. this video is good but jesus come on!!! where this world going to? what i
    wrong with traditional windows? i mean classic windows there you use mause
    and keyboard? what was wrong with windows XP when it was perfect os? why
    people try to destroy all stuff they created? dont see and sens at all! but
    thank you for tutorial and hell you had go throu before you did this video
    so you can teatch peolpe how to use thit wierd OS!

  4. and if you woundering if i do have win 8 answer is YES! and gues what! i
    unnistalled this crap and installed XP Pro! and guess what.. i love it!

  5. Very very helpful and thank Allah that i found u…i was having hard time
    working on my new laptop

  6. How we bring

  7. I had a samsung laptop b4 I did not like windows. 8 and return it so maybe
    I will try again or save up for a mabook .

  8. How do you do a middle click with a touch screen?

  9. He lives in my city

  10. Helped SOOO much thanks

  11. My colors just seem a bit washed out. Almost like there is a white layer
    that is see through clouding my screen (on white pages). Can anyone help
    me? i have been using a monitor because i feel my laptop screen is not rich
    and sharp

  12. I wish that he had just used his hand to navigate through the screens. It
    seems like that would be a much easier way to learn.

  13. great Tut….thanks JAGT…………….

  14. his voice loses me, boring why?

  15. Thank you!

  16. luv the touchscreen option……mousepad…..laser mouse…..or
    touch-screen….marvelous CHOICE,of however you want to interface with
    it….Bravo!!All you Microsoft bashers….and Apple fanboys….get a

  17. I have a question. My laptop don’t accsept headphones, the music comes from
    the general speakers but not from the headphones :-( please help!

  18. excellent tutorial but still looking for a way to keep charms from showing
    up and closing out everything else. 

  19. Tysm!! I was completely lost.

  20. Hope this helps Jane!

  21. Excellent tutor.

  22. Bravo…excellent lesson on 8.1………….!

  23. Thank you so much this help a lot please re-post the first one you talk
    about . thanks again

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