Windows 8 Wifi FIX! Finally found it.

Windows 8 Wifi FIX! Finally found it. This is video one if you are still having issues. youtu.b
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  1. Thank you so much dude XD I thought I would have to update all my network
    drivers :P

  2. Didn’t really help because my settings were already set to those. My
    problem is this…I just can’t connect to my wireless network. I’ve been
    trying to connect it while being close to the router, I tried resetting my
    router, I tried resetting my computer, and I just don’t know what else to


  4. Sorted my wifi, you are a star

  5. Thank you!!!!

  6. Thank you so much

  7. Thanks man! I can finally enjoy internet :D

  8. My wifi is not connecting to any other thing. It worked just fine

  9. Every time I start any browser my connection goes limited… I’ve probally
    looked at every video on YouTube and still found no solution.. Help in need

  10. I own a dell inspiron 3531 it’s on windows 8. I have a decent connection on
    the internet but the wifi says limited and theres a caution sign on it.
    Please help. :(

  11. It didn’t work for my hp envy h8-1414 desktop pc.. I’ve tried everything..
    Im about ready to beat this thing up with a bat Office Space style..

  12. Hello, before I had limited connection and did that and worked for like a
    few days, but now is happening a slightly DROP and I don’t know what to do?
    I check on other devices and only the notebook drops the internet for about
    10 secs that are enough to put me out of games..

    Any other advice rather than this, unallowing pc to control internet, or
    blocking firewall or antiviruses, Please?

  13. When i connect and it says “Checking Network Requirements” and then
    It does not connect because after that it says cant connect to this
    network. Help me plz

  14. Thank you,… I will have to see if this helps. Most times my tablet says
    limited connection but some times it just works. If it don’t work that will
    suck but I know this video will help many.

  15. OFF IT WORK ED YOU GET +1 subscriber :);)

  16. It dosent work ):


  18. Thank you man! :)) It works :D

  19. *Wow I’m fucked!*

  20. My airplane mod is graded out but on and my wifi is off and I’m stuck my
    Ethernet works please help

  21. awesome i”m finally done with this problem, thank you so much

  22. Thanks.

  23. Thanks a lot. It worked. I gave my laptop to a ‘computer expert’ and he
    just used an override password for the wifi but when I switched off my
    laptop and switched it on again wifi dint work. Thanks a lot. U re a genius

  24. whoooooooo thanks so much!

  25. Both videos didn’t work..
    My laptop just doesn’t want to connect to the wifi when i’m in my room but
    is works in the living room so thats weirdd


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