Windows 9 Proposal Concept

This is my proposal of ideas for the next version of Windows.
Video Rating: 3 / 5

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  1. Eww

  2. This video have been greater with music on

  3. can i download it ?

  4. fake fake fake fake faekfakfakfkkf kfakfkeakfkaefkekfkekg

  5. I like the concept for the new ribbon. If you could toggle fullscreen on
    and off it’d be a bit easier to reach that desktop/tablet hybrid they’re
    going for.

  6. If the real windows 9 has that tile bullshit I won’t be buying it and I’ll
    stay with windows 7

  7. Its very nice!

  8. It’s Windows 8 modify

  9. oh man I’d rather stick with 8 or 8.1 than go to 9

  10. that’s a good concept! i want my windows to be like that 😀 may i have an

  11. i say windows 8.1

  12. it’s just a lie

  13. Nice work!

  14. ewww so bad


  16. Part of this video was good, (shawn shut up) part of this video was bad.
    Some of this concept was pretty convenient but Windows does not need to
    consider that much personalization in the desktop and the tiles were too
    metro. I think they should just jazz up Windows 8.1 and the tiles.

  17. good job

  18. First failure: 0:22 – why make the user click on the image, in order to
    DISPLAY where they enter their username? Duh. Utter stupidity. Why HIDE
    things from the user? For what purpose?
    Second failure: you used Metro. Do I need to say more?

  19. windows 8

  20. it looks interesting

  21. link do download

  22. Even Harder

  23. nice man 

  24. Very good UI!!

  25. Hope they keep every part. Make sure there is live tiles so you can just
    view at the start screen.

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