“Windows could not connect to Group Policy Client services” how to fix Windows 8.1 64-bit.

Part 2. Windows could not connect to the group policy client service. This problem prevents standard users from logging into the system. Only administrators …
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  1. I had all of the files and stuff there but it still says it’s still not
    working. :O

  2. I am the admin of my pc but programs that need permissions wont load

  3. My windows 8.1 won’t even run regedit please help

  4. I’m running 8.1 and everything in my registry was already set as it should
    be without me doing any edits but the group policy client still isn’t

  5. Thank you!

  6. I did this and I fixed the group policy problem but the problem came back
    again. What is wrong? :(

  7. thanks for helping me

  8. Well done! Finally, solved my issue! Thanks a lot! 

  9. on the 7: 49 on the netsvcs edit, i got the gpsvc value and the others
    values then you show but my group policy clint its still stopped, i check
    it on Run/services.msc/Group Policy Client /Propeties/ and still show
    atuomatic update stopped and i can run it even as administrador, hopefuly
    you can help me please im desparate

  10. I had all those files… So i couldnt fix anything. Aghhh.

  11. Thanks a lot for that video! It solved all of my PC problems after
    searching the whole of the internet for answers.

  12. This was great … you talked me through step by step and the problem was
    solved. It was the correct level of explanation coupled with visuals that
    did the trick – thanks so much! 

  13. This was really good. It was kind of unbelievable that it works. Thanks for
    taking it slow and making it look easy. How do I stop the cyberlink item
    that comes up when Log on. It was so when I bought the PC 

  14. This is excellent, however… our new Lenovo A720 had all these settings,
    we’re still getting this error. So this didn’t fix it I’ll try
    increasing the timeout but…In fact the eventlog shows tens of dozens of
    7000 code failures, it seems all of themare for somethingcalled multimedia
    event scheduler. 

  15. I get this error message on Windows 8.1, but when I go to the netsvcs
    value, it has gpsvc listed there – do you know what else might be the

  16. First off, thanks Eugene for the research and the great video. It was a
    huge help.
    I just experienced this same issue on two new Windows 8.1 computers that I
    recently purchased. The first occurrence was on a Dell Venue 11 Pro tablet.
    When I configured the tablet, I initially set up an admin user and then a
    standard user. Except for activation of MS Office, which came with the
    purchase, the installation of a single up to date HP printer driver, and
    iTunes (current version), the device was as delivered. After working as the
    admin user, I shut the tablet down. Later, when I rebooted and tried to log
    in as the standard user, I was presented with the message, “cannot connect
    to group policy service client,” etc. After reviewing this video and some
    related threads, I logged in as the admin user (also received error
    message). A check showed that the group policy service client was not
    running. As options were greyed out it could not be restarted from
    services.msc. An attempt to restart from a privileged cmd prompt resulted
    in an “access denied” error. Next, I checked the registry (regedit) and all
    the mentioned keys and DWORDS existed. At that point I begin flailing
    around trying this and that: full system AV scan (McAfee), full range of
    hardware tests (Dell utilities), etc. Nothing found any problems, however
    when at the end of the checks I rebooted (for the umpteenth time) the Group
    Policy Service Client service was running and the problem was apparently
    gone (hasn’t recurred). A couple of days later, I ran into the same problem
    on my new Dell Inspiron laptop. This time, I found the registry corrupted
    as described. I edited it to replace missing DWORDS and rebooted. Problem
    still existed. Again at a loss, I remembered that I’d seen a thread where a
    writer had mentioned that they had run Scandisk to solve the issue. I
    opened another admin level cmd window, scheduled chkdsk to scan and repair
    my root C: drive, then rebooted. After the boot, a message displayed that
    the drive was being checked. It got to 10% and then stayed that way. Maybe
    an hour and a half later, with no apparent progress the screen went black
    (scary). Since the computer’s drive light was flashing, I left it that way.
    Perhaps 3 hours later, after running some errands, I returned home to find
    the PC apparently asleep (500GB drive). I pressed the power button, and was
    presented with login. I logged on as the admin user, and checked around and
    everything again seemed fine.
    Conclusion: Because I wanted to see “clean” logs on reboots, I cleared my
    system logs many times and never saw the root of the problem described in
    the video. Nevertheless, based on gut instinct (20+ years as an IT
    professional) I came to the following conclusion. I believe, as postulated,
    that the problem is introduced by failed Windows updates. Possibly related
    to a background update that begins under one user account, is interrupted
    by a shutdown, and then continues under another user account (one admin and
    the other not). I believe also that the error can cause both registry
    errors, as described in video, and disk corruption and that in some cases
    both conditions must be addressed to solve the issue. As a precaution, I’ve
    turned off automatic installation of Windows Updates and set it to download
    and announce. So far, no new problems; we’ll see; fingers firmly crossed.

  17. the problem for me is that i cannot run any programs.. It just says that
    the service did not respond in a timely fashion.. Any solution to this? I
    can barely do anything on my computer anymore, please help me. ;)

  18. Hi,
    I had all the files and stuff in the Regedit but the error is still there.
    Also my Windows update keeps on checking for updates. I mean its been 4
    days and its still going on. What should I do?

  19. Worked first time – excellent, steps very clear and worked first time

  20. absolutely fantastic video. even a non-geek could follow your instructions.
    well done. thank you 

  21. I had all of the files there, but for some reason, following through anyway
    resolved the problem. I didn’t add or take anything away, but it seems to
    be functioning just fine now.

  22. All my files were there…. It seems like all I needed to do was
    restart…. .-. But thanks anywaysss

  23. Great video. Unfortunately, my netsvcs value already had the “gpsvc” entry.
    Also, the netsvcs key had the 3 required variables with the correct values.
    Any further suggestions?

  24. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Your explanation and video was brilliant
    and I am ecstatic that my problem is finally fixed. I followed your
    directions exactly and am so relieved that the computer has finally
    returned to normal!

  25. I had all those files… So i couldnt fix anything. Aghhh.

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