Windows Deployment Services with Hyper-V in Server 2012

This exercise covers setting up WDS, configuring it with factory default OS images, then capturing fully-configured and updated images back to the server. I …

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  1. Superb tutorial! :) thanks a lot Chris! :)

  2. Very nice video Chris. Thank you for your time.

  3. Only wish that you did not play the music in the background. That was
    really irritating.

  4. You’re awesome, dude!

  5. Thank you. Excellent vid, clear, concise with enough detail and nice
    background music not distracting. You are an example for other educational
    vids on youtube.

  6. Great video, Chris H! Subscribing to your channel right now!

  7. Excellent video, hope to see more vids on your channel


  9. You’re absolutely right. After I uploading it and watching it, I felt the
    same way. In all of my new videos that are published after this one I stop
    the music after the introduction. I cut the music out for the rest of the
    video. When I get a chance I may re-edit this video and re-post it without
    the music when I have more free time.

  10. Chris, Good videos, I enjoy watching them. I love the amount of detail you
    put into your videos as well as showing all the steps and speaking clearly.
    Keep up the good work, and I hope that you plan to do more videos soon.

  11. Thanks Chris this really helps me out. Can i ask you i saw on another vid a
    guy made two entries in DHCP IPv4 server options – checking #66 – Boot
    Server Host Name and setting string value as the wds IP as well as #67 –
    Boot File Name – string value – Did you configure that?

  12. Thanks! I’m glad this video helped.

  13. good video. but does it need music in the background? it doesn’t help when
    trying to concentrate on whats being said.

  14. I’ve chosen a Win2012 Deployment Server as my final project for my 3year
    traineeship. Thanks alot for your tutorial. It was really easy to
    understand and a nice experience to see everything working almost
    flawlessly :) Just one thing you may can help me out with: While doing a
    PXE boot, I have to press the F12 key in order to get to the boot menu,
    otherwise it will skip and continues booting from HDD/VHD. Have this on
    hardware and virtual machines, first time I had to sysprep a second time 😀

  15. Thanks! I really appreciate it.

  16. Thanks, I’m glad this video could help. On physical machines you have to
    press F12 no matter what to get it to PXE boot, it won’t do it
    automatically. On VMs you can disconnect your reference VHD, and put a
    blank one in its place. That way when you boot, the system will see a blank
    VHD and move on to PXE boot automatically.

  17. Great question. I usually don’t have to adjust any settings in the DHCP
    manager when setting up WDS (from what I can remember). I usually have DHCP
    and all other components in place before activating WDS. I usually just
    select both boxes during WDS setup for DHCP option 60, and to not listen on
    port 67. Once again I do this because I run my DHCP server on the same

  18. Thanks Jeremy, I really appreciate your words of encouragement.

  19. Great Job Bud, you saved my life.

  20. Thank you, great video. Are there any other settings we need to add to the
    DHCP aside from the Option Name 060 PXEClient that is done automatically
    when installed or that should be enough ?

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