Windows Embedded 8 Pro Industry Release Preview Review

The latest Version of Windows Embedded (8 Pro). It’s in Release Preview at the moment and should be available as a full version soon. My Channel: /a>….


  1. im using industry pro 8 for several months now
    i tested things like steam inhome streaming, video and audio codecs, lots
    of multimedia players, xbmc and the likes
    everything works perfectly fine besides one thing
    whenever i attach my 3tb usb3 hdd to it it doesnt show any changes i made
    on the drive from another computer, after a checkdisk /F the changes appear

    might be the hdds fault though not sure

  2. can you game on it?

  3. Que tal el 3D ahi chinga o no chinga.

  4. I am not talking about Windows Embedded.I am talking about Windows embedded
    industry.For industry there are 3 versions,which is the pro,pro retail and

  5. Embedded realy isn’t designed for home use. One, no real antivirus is
    suopported on the system. Two, As it is an embedded system, it is designed
    to use for one task such as use on a till or in a cashpoint. I would stick
    with 8 if I’m honest.

  6. Actually according to Microsoft the versions are Standard, Pro, and Industry

  7. However,windows embedded industry still have 3 versions,just like windows
    embedded standard 7 which have 3 versions,the Premium,Embedded(kinda
    repeat),Consumer.They are usually called WES7P,WES7E,WES7C.I am very sure
    there is the pro and enterprise version.I read from wikipedia and other
    sources there is also a pro(retail) version.

  8. So there is no way to run any Metro applications? Did you try installing
    Chrome and using the “Relaunch Chrome in Windows 8 mode” option? I mean,
    what was the purpose of experimenting with installing an app (Firefox) that
    only runs on the desktop?

  9. There is absolutely a standard version. There is Pro, Standard, Industry,
    Handheld and System Center 2012 versions of Windows Embedded 8.

  10. Can you get applications (apps for metro) for Windows Embedded 8 Pro
    Industry? I heard that it performs the same as Windows 8, but with extra

  11. There is no standard version.there is only Pro,Pro(Retail) and enterprise.

  12. Does Vanilla Windows 8 have any features for optimizing games compared to
    embedded? or would embedded be even better because the lack of useless shit?

  13. Windows Embedded 8 is not the same as Windows Embedded 7. The Wikipedia
    page for Windows Embedded 8 Industry doesn’t even support your claim, and
    it is also noted that the page cites no sources. Maybe you should try
    Microsoft’s website for the information, which is where I got it, because I
    belong to MSDN.

  14. Windows Embedded Industry is a SINGLE product, it is not a family of
    products, Windows Embedded is the family. The last version that had an
    Enterprise designation was Windows Embedded 7, and there was not a “pro,pro
    [sic] retail and enterprise” version, there Enterprise, Standard 7 and
    POSReady 7. Enterprise included 7 Pro and 7 Ultimate. POSReady was replaced
    with Windows 8 Embedded Industry.

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